Zumba Mania

Zumba Mania tests the shooting skills of the marble. In the game, colourful marbles roll down the track, and the objective of the player is to clear the board of the marbles before it reaches the end hole. Most of the tracks in Zumba Mania are curved, which makes it particularly difficult to shoot the marbles. The frog that shoots the marbles is present at the centre of the game screen. There are balls of multiple colours, and the player needs to match three or more same coloured marbles to eliminate them. One can use the mouse to aim and then click to release the marble.

How to Play Zumba Mania?

In the game of Zumba Mania, the player has to tap to shoot marbles. The player’s objective is to eliminate marbles that can be done by match three or more than three marbles of the same colour. For winning a particular level in Zumba Mania, the player needs to destroy the entire chain of the marble before it reaches the end. Further, the player can use the frog feature present in Zumba Mania for swapping the marbles between the current and next marbles. A myriad of power-ups is available in the game, which can be used to clear the board quickly. In total, there are 60 levels in Zumba Mania, and the score of the player is provided in the form of stars. After completing a game, the player gets more stars and diamonds. The diamonds can then be used for your for purchasing different looks of the frogs and additional boosts. The score of the player is decided on the basis of the distance left between the train and the exit hole of the game. The faster the player eliminates the marbles from the screen, the greater will be the score. The player can see the colour of the next two marbles in the mouth of the frog.

Release Date

Zumba Mania was rolled out on November 9, 2020.


Inlogic Software developed Zumba Mania.


Zumba Mania can be played both from smartphones and computers and can be accessed via a web browser. The game is also available in Google Play Store too.


Click the mouse to shoot a marble in Zumba Mania.


  • 60 challenging levels
  • Colourful graphics
  • Intuitive Controls


How to earn bonus points in Zumba Mania?

To earn bonus points in Zumba Mania, the player should hit the marbles so that a minimum of six marbles is eliminated in one go.

How many levels are there in Zumba Mania?

There are 60 levels in Zumba Mania.

How are the points of Zumba Mania calculated?

The points in Zumba Mania are depicted in the form of stars. The best score is represented through three stars. Additionally, the individual score and the number of diamonds earned can be seen when a level ends in Zumba Mania. The points in Zumba Mania is calculated on the basis of the distance left between the train of the marbles and the end hole. The greater the distance between the two, the higher will be the score. If the player just manages to complete a level in a way that the distance between the marble train and the end of the hole is small, the player will only be able to earn one star.

What is the significance of diamonds earned in Zumba Mania?

The diamonds earned in Zumba Mania can be used for in-app purchases in the game. The player can use the diamonds to purchase different looks of the frogs. There are four different looks of frogs. One look is available for the player by default. The other looks of the diamonds can be purchased using 300 diamonds for each frog. Further, there are three power-ups in Zumba Mania. A minimum of 100 diamonds is required to purchase three sets of each power-up. The purchase of the power-ups will come in a set of three.

How many chances do a player get to complete the different levels of Zumba Mania?

Zumba Mania allows the player to resume the same level in which they lost the game an unlimited number of times. Just click on the option of play again to start playing that particular level afresh.

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