Zoo Pong

Zoo Pong is a hyper-casual game that is the modern version of the classic Pong game. In Zoo Pong, Animals organizes a competition when the zoo is closed in order to ensure they are entertained always. In Zoo Pong, the player needs to stop the ball from hitting their goal and ensure that they hit the goal of the opponent for earning a score. The player is given three chances to ensure that the ball doesn’t hit their side of the goal, after which the game ends. However, the player has the option of playing more by reviving themselves after watching advertisements. The game supports 30 game characters which consist of different animals. The player candy chooses to buy an animal of their choice, provided the sufficient coins with them. The player further has the option of buying the different characters by watching advertisements too. The game gradually increases the difficulty level to ensure that the player adjusts through the difficulty. 

How to Play Zoo Pong?

In Zoo Pong, the player has to slide through the game screen in order to deflect the ball. Additionally, the player needs to pass through the goal of the opponents for earning points. Zoo Pong rewards the player with combo points for making consecutive goals. There are plenty of levels in the game to keep the player entertained. Zoo Pong is simply a modern version of the Ping Pong game. What makes Zoo Pong interesting are the different power-ups present in the game. In the virtual world, the game takes place only when the zoo is closed to ensure that the animals of the zoo are entertained. In the game, the player gets three chances.

Losing all the lives in Zoo Pong will result at the end of the game. For providing the players a refreshing look of the game, the developer has introduced 30 different game characters. The players can choose one of the 30 characters, out of which one is provided to the player by default. There are two ways of making the payment for the other characters of the game. The characters can be paid either through coins or by watching videos. In Zoo Pong, for winning bonus points, the player should try to make combo goals. Further, three goals in a row allow the player to advance and win well. With each increasing level, the difficulty level of the game increases too in the form of fastballs and controlling multiple balls in the game.

Release Date

Zoo Pong was rolled out on April 29, 2021


Go game Pte Ltd developed Zoo Pong.


Zoo Pong is available on web browser and therefore can be played both from smartphone and computer.


If you are playing Zoo Pong on your smartphone, slide across the phone to move. If you are playing Zoo Pong on your computer/laptop use the arrow keys of the keyboard to move.


  • 30 characters available
  • Multiple-levels
  • Three chances
  • Beautiful colorful graphic
  • Several power-ups
  • Hyper-casual arcade game


How to advance the levels in Zoo Pong?

For advancing a level in Zoo Pong, the player should hit three goals before the opponents.

Is it possible to play after losing all the three chances in Zoo Pong?

Yes, the player can revive themselves even after losing all the three lives in the game by watching an advertisement.

How to buy new characters in Zoo Pong?

Zoo Pong supports 30 characters. These characters can be purchased in two ways. Firstly, one can purchase them using the coins that they have earned in the game. Secondly, the player can watch advertisements too for unlocking a character.

What skills are required to play Zoo Pong?

For playing Zoo Pong, the player needs to have arcade skills because the player needs to both throw the ball at the opponent. Further, the player needs to save their goal post from the ball.

How does the difficulty level of the game increases in Zoo Pong?

The difficulty level in Zoo Pong increases through the fast pace of the ball and also, by having the need to dodge multiple balls. Also, the character of the game changes its size. If it gets too tiny, the player has to run away too little to ensure the safety of their lives.

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