Tiger Run

Tiger Run is a game similar to Subway Surfer. Instead of a boy running behind coins in an endless road, in Tiger Run, the character of the game is a tiger, as the name suggests and instead of collecting coins, the player needs to collect stars. Tiger Run is an adventure game with no levels and the progress of the game can be check on the basis of the best score of the player. Tiger Run contains three power-ups that can be purchased y the player with the stars collected in the game for further boosting the score in the game. Tiger Run is a fun endless running game that comes with beautiful, cute and colourful graphics which makes it suitable for both adults and kids.

How to Play Tiger Run?

Tiger Run is a running game where the player needs to help a little tiger in collecting stars. However, the road in which the tiger runs is not smooth and is filled with obstacles like barrels, buses and barricades over which the player sometimes need to jump up and sometimes slip down. The movement of the tiger in the game can be controlled using the arrow keys if the player is playing from the laptop and further, swiping motion can be used if the player is playing Tiger Run on the smartphone. There are three upgrades available in Tiger Run:

  • Magnet: Provides the player with magnet coins
  • Boots: Allows the tiger to jump higher
  • More Stars: Multiplies all the stars with two ties

In the first upgrade, all the power-ups are available for 100 coins each. However, the price of the power-ups increases after each upgrade. There is a maximum of five upgrades available for each power-up in Tiger Run. The player can also collect these power-ups on the road while running. The efficiency of the power-ups collected on the road will depend on the upgrades of the power-ups done by the player.


Tiger Run can be played both from smartphone and laptop on the web-browser.


Use the arrow keys for controlling the movement of the tiger when playing from the laptop. Swipe the tiger for controlling the movement of it when playing from the smartphone.


  • Colourful graphics
  • Endless run
  • Three power-ups that can be upgraded
  • Challenging game


What are the similarities and differences between Tiger Run and Subway Surfer?

Both Tiger Run and Subway Surfer are endless-running game. Both the games are based on the same concept and use the same gaming model with a slight difference in the elements used in the game. Firstly, in Tiger Run, a small tiger runs while in Subway Surfay, a person plays the role of a protagonist. In Tiger Run, the player needs to collect stars whereas, in Subway Surfer, the player collects coins. In Tiger Run, major obstacles are present in the form of buses while train plays a key role in Subway Surfer.

What are the different kinds of power-ups present in Tiger Run?

There are three types of power-ups present in Tiger Run: magnet, boots and more stars. The magnet allows the player to collect coins from all the lanes by remaining in the same lane. Secondly, the boots allow the player to jumps higher which comes in handy when the tiger is running on the buses. Thirdly, the more stars allow the player to multiply the stars which helps in the overall increase of the score. These power-ups can be upgraded five times. The first upgrade will cost 100 stars each. The price of the upgrades will gradually increase. The power-ups present in the game can be collected on the road and their efficiency of them can be improved by upgrades. 

How to decide how well a player has played Tiger Run?

There are no levels in Tiger Run and therefore many players might get confused whether their performance has increased or deteriorated in the subsequent plays. The best score is the best parameter to decide the progress of the player in the game. If the current score is the best score, it can be concluded that the performance of the player has improved. If the player fails to match the best score, the performance of the player has decreased. 

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