Team Kaboom

Team Kaboom is an adventure and arcade game in which the player’s aim is to blast enemies. While killing the enemies in Team Kaboom, the player should also survive and avoid getting killed. Also, once the enemies are captured, ensure that they do not escape. It is vital because if the enemies escape, they will return as a stronger and faster competitor.

How to Play Team Kaboom?

Team Kaboom` is an adventurous arcade game where the player controls a character who needs to fight the enemies by shooting. For shooting in the game, press the keyboard button C and you are good to go. In addition to shooting, the player can also collect a variety of other weapons too like dynamite and knife, to name a few for killing the enemies. The enemies confronted by the player have different strength. The strength of the enemy is indicated by the red bar at the top of them. The player needs to attack the enemies till they die. In the Team Kaboom app, the player gets three chances to play the game. The high score of the game is saved. Like any other adventurous game, Team Kaboom also gives the players an opportunity to travel across a fantasy world. Each new game of Team Kaboom comes with different themes that change the background of the game.

Currently, Team Kaboom supports three different maps and in addition to that, it supports five customizable characters too. While fighting the enemies, the player can also collect different weapons in Team Kaboom. Once the weapon is successfully collected, the player can use it to attack the enemies. The different weapons which are available in Team Kaboom are rocket launcher, knives, dynamites, machine guns and rifles. These weapons do not come infinite load. How many attacks are possible through a particular weapon is shown above the character. Once the total number of shots are completed, the character switches back to the default weapon.

Release Date

Team Kaboom was rolled out on 13 April 2021.


MarketJS developed Team Kaboom.


Team Kaboom can be played on web browser both on the desktop and smartphone.


  • X: Jump
  • C: Shoot
  • Left arrow key: To move left
  • Right arrow key: To move right
  • Up arrow key: To move up
  • Down arrow key: To move down


  • Three different maps
  • Customizable five cool characters
  • Pixel theme


Which stats are shown by Team Kaboom?

Team Kaboom shows the following stats:

  • Survived (Time Duration)
  • Kills
  • High Score

How many chances does a player get in Team Kaboom?

In Team Kaboom, the player gets three chances in a game after which the game ends.

Which different weapons are available in Team Kaboom?

The different weapons which can be used by the player in Team Kaboom are:

  • Rifles
  • Machine guns
  • Dynamites
  • Knifes
  • Rocket Launchers

For using these weapons, the player will have to collect them first. These weapons are available in a wooden box which is placed in different positions on the map. After collecting the weapons, the player can fire them easily.

How many different maps are available in Team Kaboom?

Team Kaboom supports three different maps.

How many characters are there in Team Kaboom?

Team Kaboom supports five different characters. The main character is one, the additional four-character play the role of enemies. Additionally, a wide number of weapons are also available in the game.

Is there any level in Team Kaboom?

No, there are no levels in Team Kaboom. The player should only concentrate on killing as many enemies as possible in the game to progress in the game. As the game progresses, the difficulty level of the game increases and new characters and weapons are introduced in the game.

Is the progress of the Team Kaboom saved on the computer?

Yes, if you are playing the game from your local device, the score will be saved in the local computer until it is wiped out.

How to win Team Kaboom?

There are no levels in Team Kaboom and therefore a win in Team Kaboom can be considered as beating the previous best score. In fact, beating the previous best score should be the aim of the player in Team Kaboom.

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