Swing Monkey

In Swing Monkey, the player needs to swing the monkey just like spiderman. In the game Swing Monkey, the player needs to hook the monkey to the nearest point which is available out there. For moving from one hook to another, the player needs to release the monkey. The game consists of simple controls and further, it features unlimited levels. The game is controlled by one tap for moving to and fro from one hook to another for reaching the finish line. The game of Swing Monkey is inspired by Stickman Hook. It is a popular game and is loved by its players. Additionally, one can use the game to improve the motor skills of the player.

How to Play Swing Monkey?

Swing Monkey is based on a jungle theme where the player needs to control a monkey and help him in moving forward. Further, what makes the game interesting is that Swing Monkey is based on applied physics. Firstly, at the start of the game, the player needs to launch the monkey of the game from the trampoline. Once the monkey has started moving, the monkey has to grab the nearest ring. Then, the player needs to move the monkey to and fro in order to move forwards. As the game progresses, plenty of obstacles are launched. The player needs to dodge the obstacles and then reach the finishing line. The player should note that the air time of the trampoline is not much and therefore a player needs to be quick in jumping from one hook to another. Further, when to let go of the hook is important to understand. For gaining speed in the motion, try moving back and forth more. The more the monkey moves back and forth, the higher will be the speed. Once the speed increases, ensure that you let go of the hook at the right time. While playing Swing Monkey, it is important to keep the laws of motion in mind. If the speed is high, the player can also let off of multiple hooks to reach the finish line. Also, a high speed ensures skipping myriad obstacles too.

Release Date

Swing Monkey was launched out on different platforms on September 28, 2020.


Market JS has rolled out Swing Monkey.


Swing Monkey can further be played on different devices like computer and smartphone using the web browser.


Tap and Hold: To Start Swing


  • The jungle theme is beautiful
  • Simple controls
  • Unlimited levels
  • Challenging obstacles
  • Based on Physics


How many levels are there in Swing Monkey?

No one knows how many levels are there in Swing Monkey. The developers claim that there are unlimited levels in the game.

How to increase the speed of the monkey in Swing Monkey?

For increasing the speed of the monkey in Swing Monkey, move the monkey to and fro from the hook many times. When the monkey moves to and fro, again and again, the speed of the monkey accelerates.

Is it necessary to use all the hooks in Swing Monkey?

No, the player has the option of skipping as many hooks as they want. With the increase in the speed of the monkey, the player can skip multiple hooks.

Is the game of Swing Monkey based on Physics?

Yes, the Swing Monkey game is based on physics. The monkey follows the law of motion for moving to and fro from one hook to another.

How many chances does the player get while playing Swing Monkey?

When the game gets over in Swing Monkey, the player can start right from that level again without having the need to start afresh. Therefore, it is safe to say that there is an unlimited number of chances to complete the game of Swing Monkey.

How to complete a level in Swing Monkey?

For completing one level in Swing Monkey, the monkey needs to move to and fro for moving forward while overcoming obstacles. When the monkey reaches the finish line, the level of the game gets completed and the player becomes ready to start the next level. The concept of completing a level in Swing Monkey is the same. However, the amount and degree of obstacles increases and the player have to overcome those obstacles. That’s it!

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