Stack Color

Stack Color is a casual tower stacking game where blocks are dropped from the top of the game screen and the objective of the player is to stack one block at the top of the other. This will create a tower stack. In this game, it’s all about creating a long tower.

How to Play Stack Color?

In Stack Color, the player needs to build a stack of the tower of colourful tiles. For starting the game, tap on the game screen. The bottom tower is placed for the player. On the bottom of the tile, the next tile to be placed keeps moving from left to right. When the player thinks it is aptly placed above the top of the bottom tile, click on the game screen. If the tile is not aptly placed, the leftover tile breaks and the size of the tile reduces which makes the game extremely difficult. However, making the tiles back to the original size is also possible by aptly placing the tile above it. The points on the Stack Color is decided on the basis of how tall the tower is. If the player stacks the tiles perfectly, the player is rewarded with five points straight away and placing the tiles in a not perfect way fetches only one point. As there is no time component in Stack Color, the player should patiently wait for stacking the tiles to earn more points along with bonus rewards. Further, stacking the tiles perfectly makes the game easy in the longer run. As when the tiles are placed in an imperfect manner, the size of the tile reduces which leaves the player with small space to place the next tile making the game difficult and increases the chances of misplacement which can end the game. As the player only gets one chance in Stack Color, it is advised to place the tiles aptly.

Release Date

Stack Color was published on December 11, 2020.


Stack Color was rolled out by OkyGames. The art and code of Stack Color are designed by Demonte Maximiliano.


Stack Color can be played on the web browser and is accessible from both smartphone and computer.


Tap or click on the game screen for stacking the tower.


  • Colourful graphics
  • Tests speed and reflex skills
  • Addictive gameplay


How the points of Stack Color are decided?

The points in Stack Color is decided on basis of how well they have stacked the tiles. If the tile is stacked properly on the top of it, the player straight away five points. However, if the player ends up doing it multiple times, they also earn bonus point too. If the player manages to simply place the tile above another but not perfectly, they are only awarded one point.

What stats are shown in Stack Color?

In Stack Color, the score and best score are shown to the player.

How many chances do the player get in Stack Color?

In Stack Color, the player only gets one chance. If the player fails to place the tile above the below tile, the game ends.

How many levels are there in Stack Color?

There are no levels in Stack Color. It is an endless game where the objective of the player is to stack the tiles. However, the progress of the game can be checked on the basis of the best score. That should be the parameter for the player how well they have played the game.

How to earn a bonus in Stack Color?

For earning a bonus in Stack Color, the player should stack the tiles perfectly multiple times. When the player manages to stack the tiles perfectly, the player earns multiple bonus points.

Should the tiles of the same colour be stacked on top of another?

No, the tiles in Stack Color are very colourful. There is no such rule that mentions that colours of the same tiles can only be stacked on top of each other. No matter what is the colour of the tiles, keep stacking them properly to score high in the game.

Are there power-ups in the game?

No, there are no power-ups in the game. It is a hyper-casual game.

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