Square Bird

Square Bird is a popular 2D platform game based on side-scrolling. In the game, the bird creates a tower of eggs to avoid danger whenever the player clicks on the game screen. Initially, laying eggs is super easy, but as the player crosses the levels, the need of putting better judgement comes into play because the right amount of eggs need to be laid for overcoming the obstacles properly. The game is highly customizable and supports two game modes. Square

How to Play Square Bird?

Square Bird is a platform clicking game where the player needs to click on the game screen to lay eggs. The character that the player controls in this game is that of the bird and when the player clicks on the game screen, the bird lays eggs. It is important to lay the right amount of eggs to avoid the obstacles perfectly and for a smooth landing. As the player completes more levels, the currency of the player increases and this currency can be used by the player for buying new skin for the birds. After three perfect landings in Square Bird, the fever mode is activated for the player. In the fever mode, the bird shoots block towards the obstacles to wreck them. The fever mode comes in handy to cross the levels quickly.

However, even in the fever mode, the player needs to take extra care to ensure that the blocks which are not affected by the shooting are overcome by laying eggs. After every five levels, the player gets to unlock a new bird. When a new bird is chosen in Square Bird, the colour of both the birds and eggs will change in Square Bird. After level 10, new landscapes become available in Square Bird which changes the look of the game. In Square Bird, even after the player loses a chance, they have an opportunity to get back again to the game by watching a promotional advertisement. Square Bird comes with two modes: Endless Mode and Levels Mode. In the Levels mode, the place player yer needs to complete different modes and in the endless mode, the player simply needs to keep playing the game. In addition to these, many other customization options are available in Square Bird. Also, apart from the main games, the player can try their hands on various mini-games to earn some extra reward.

Release Date

iOS: September 2018

Android: October 2018

HTML5: April 2020


Square Bird is developed by Moonee Publishing Ltd.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web-browser on all the devices


Hold or tap the mouse to lay eggs on Square Bird. The space bar can also be used for laying eggs.


  • One-button mechanics
  • Customizable skin of the character
  • Available on all the platforms


How to turn on the fever mode in Square Bird?

For turning on the fever mode in Square Bird, the player needs to get three perfect landings.

Why is the fever mode useful in Square Bird?

Fever mode is useful in Square Bird as it makes it easy for the bird to shoot the obstacles ahead of it and helps in clearing the level easily.

In which platforms can one play Square Bird?

Square Bird is available on all platforms.

Is it recommended to play mini-games in Square Bird?

Yes, it is recommended to play mini-games in Square Bird because it rewards the player with new gifts. The player can use this mini-game to earn extra coins and many other additional gifts.

What are some examples of challenges in Square Bird?

Few examples of challenges in Square Bird are:

  • Lay 30 eggs
  • Do 5 perfects
  • Boss fight
  • Lay 50 Eggs
  • Reach 15 score
  • Boss fight

These are few challenges that appear right at the beginning of the game and are locked. Completing these challenges will unlock them and will help them in earning a new reward. For instance, a boss fight will help the player to unlock a new bird.

Which customization options are available in Square Bird?

The following customization options are available in Square Bird:

  • Change the colour of the eggs
  • Change the skin of the bird
  • Change scenery
  • Select one of the two modes: Endless and Levels
  • Switch on and off the music

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