Shooter Rush

Shooter Rush is a 2D third-person shooter game where you have to have fight against hundreds of enemies that come in your way. The enemies will come in your way, try to eliminate you, and stop from reaching the finish point in each level. Your job is to guide your character and eliminate all the enemies that come in your way to stop you and collect the cash that the enemies drop after getting eliminated.

How to play Shooter Rush?

In Shooter Rush, you have to control your character and help him eliminate the enemies in order to reach the finish. You just have to move around with your character and he will take care of eliminating the enemies.

If you are good enough then you can trigger the eliminate mode and eliminate hordes of enemies in one go. The eliminate zone gets bigger and bigger as you wait and when the eliminate zone is of a certain size then you can let go of the mouse and eliminate all the enemies inside your circle at once. It doesn’t matter whether it is a single enemy or dozens of enemies, you can take them all out at once when they are in eliminate zone.

Unlock new weapons:

After you eliminate the enemies, they drop cash that you can collect, and using that cash you can unlock new weapons from the shop. There are a total of 12 weapons that be unlocked using cash. The first weapon is unlocked by default while you have to unlock all the other weapons and equip your character with new weapons.

Release Date:

Shooter Rush was released in September 2020.


Shooter Rush is developed by BPTop Games.


Shooter Rush is available to play on both Desktop PCs and Mobile Phones. You can play the game through any web browser on your mobile phone and PC.


On PC, the game is played using the mouse only.

Press and hold the left mouse button to move your character and guide him.

Release the left mouse for mass killing.


Q. Can I play Shooter Rush on my mobile phone or tablet?

Ans. Yes, you can play Shooter Rush on both your mobile phone and tablet through any web browser.

Q. Can I play Shooter Rush with my friends?

Ans. No, you cannot play Shooter Rush with your friend because it is a single-player game and not a multiplayer game.

Q. How to unlock new weapons in the game?

Ans. You can unlock the weapons using the money from the shop. There are a total of 12 weapons that can be unlocked, out of which the first one is unlocked by default.

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