Rotate allows the players to play with shapes like circle, triangle, square and hexagon. Inside all the shapes, there are spikes, and the player needs to avoid them. The character is given a small bat which they can use like armour to avoid collision with the spike. The player has the liberty to choose a shape of their choice to play with. The shape can be rotated left and right by the player to avoid the spikes. While avoiding the spikes, the player should also collect diamonds and additional boosts in the form of ball protection and extra life, to name a few.

How to Play Rotate?

In Rotate, the player gets to play with different shapes. The shapes which are included in the game are:

  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Hexagon

Before the game begins, the player is asked to select the shape with which they want to play. Once the shape is selected, the game begins. Few places on the inner wall are covered with spikes; the player needs to avoid these spikes. For avoiding these spikes, the player needs to move the shape. There are two tabs available for the movement of the shape left and right. On the basis of the direction in which the player wants to move the shape, they need to click either on the left or the right tab with the mouse. The player needs to be quick with their movement to avoid the spikes. Also, the position of the spikes are not constant, and they keep changing; and therefore, the player needs to have a sharp eye on the changing position of the spikes. Apart from avoiding the spikes, the player also needs to collect different items which appear inside the shape. Collecting these items, which are mostly boosts, raises the score of the player.

Release Date

Rotate was recently rolled out on April 20, 2021.


Kidsgamesplay developed Rotate.


Rotate is available on web browsers and can be accessed both from smartphones and computers.


The Rotate game comes with a left and right tab. For moving the shape, the player needs to click on these tab as per their desire to move the shape in a particular direction.


Players can choose the shape they want to play with.

  • Collect rewards as boosts
  • Avoid spikes
  • Quick reflex


What are the different shapes supported in the Rotate game?

Rotate supports four shapes. These are circles, triangles, square and hexagon.

How can the different shapes in Rotate be unlocked?

There is no minimum requirement to unlock the different shapes in Rotate. At the beginning of the game, the player can choose the shape with which they want to play it.

How to raise the score in Rotate?

To raise the Rotate score, the player first needs to survive the spikes to stay alive and then focus on collecting the different items that appear inside the shape. Collecting these bonus points raises the score of the player.

How many chances do the player get to complete the game of Rotate?

Interestingly, the player only gets one chance to complete the game of Rotate. Without the bonus of the additional life, the game gets over when the character in the game touches a spike. However, with an additional life bonus, the player can get an additional chance to complete the game.

Do the spikes inside the shape remain in the same position?

No, the spikes inside the shape keep on changing their position, which makes the game extremely challenging.

What stats are shown at the end of the game?

Only the best score of the player is visible after the game gets over.

Is it possible to survive even after touching the spikes inside the shape?

Yes, it is possible to survive even after the ball touches the spikes present inside the shape, provided that it has the ball protection boost with it. The ball protection appears inside the shape from time to time, and it needs to be collected by the player. Once the player collects the ball protection boost, spikes appear at the outer boundary of the ball, which protects it from the spikes present inside the shape. However, the boost is not available for an infinite amount of time and disappears after few seconds.

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