Retro Drift

In Retro Drift, the main objective of the player is to stay on the lane. The player has to drift at the right moment in the game for staying on the same lane. The Retro Drift app further checks the player’s reflex on how quickly and when needed the player can bend the car properly. In Retro Drift, the player can earn more score by ensuring that the car stays on the lane without falling from the lane. The game provides the player with only one chance. A slight mistake in taking the turn of the car, the game will end. This is what makes the game extremely interesting and challenging. There are three power-ups available in the game which can be use by the player for boosting the score in the game. 

How to Play Retro Drift?

Retro Drift is a car racing game that does not check the car’s speed but how promptly the player can drift the car. Thus, the name of the game the Retro Drift. The game supports eight different cars. The player can choose among these cars. One car is available to the player by default. The player can purchase other cars via the points collected by the players. The game has a beautiful graphic. What makes the game interesting are the three upgrades available in it. These upgrades are:

  • Double Score (purchase price: 25 points)
  • Car Insurance (purchase price: 50 points)
  • Vinyl Rush (purchase price: 75 points)

These upgrades make it easier for the player to score high in the game. While playing the game, the player should try to bend as close to the bend itself. As the game progress or when you are eligible, go ahead and purchase an upgraded car. Upgraded cars in Retro Drift comes with powerful tire grips which prevent the car from slipping from the lane. The car allows the player to change its direction even in the midway. As the game progresses, the game’s difficulty level increases too by adding different kinds of obstacles.

Release Date

Retro Drift was rolled out in 2017.


Adknown Games developed retro Drift.


Retro Drift is available on a web browser and can be therefore played on both smartphone and computer.


Left-click on the mouse to the left to steer the car, and to keep moving in the left-direct, keep the click on the left mouse intact. For moving straight, release the mouse.


  • Fun car game
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Three upgrades available
  • Eight different cars are available
  • Daily rewards
  • Power-ups can also be achieved by spinning the wheel


What are some tips for scoring high in Retro Drift?

Here are few tips for scoring high in Retro Drift:

  • In Retro Drift, try changing the car’s direction only when you are close to the bend.
  • Even after that, if you are falling too often, it is advised to upgrade the car to improve the car’s tire grip in the game.
  • Concentrate and then anticipate your drifts in the tight spots in the game.
  • The car can be turned even be turned in mid-air after the jump.

What boosters are available in Retro Drift?

There are three kinds of boosters available in Retro Drift: Double Score, which can be purchased for 25 points, car insurance available for 50 points and vinyl rush available for 75 points. The players can also spin to win a reward in the game. The here player can also earn these power-ups as a part of daily rewards.

On what basis the score is decided on Retro Drift?

The distance covered by the car on the game decides the score earned by the player in Retro Drift. However, the double score feature can also be used to double the player’s score in the game.

What kind of difficulty one may face while playing?

As the game progresses, the difficulty level of the game increases too in many ways. For instance, the number of bends can increase, the path becomes narrower, there are speed breakers, and sometimes, the road terrain is changed.

How many chances does a player get in Retro Drift?

A player gets only one chance to play Retro Drift. Even if the car falls down the lane once, the game will end instantly.

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