Rabbids Wild Race

Rabbids Wild Race is an online multiplayer where you have to compete against 31 other rabbits in a game of the last Rabbid standing. You have to do everything in your power to collect the stars, coins, and reach the finish line before the other Rabbids.

How to play Rabbids Wild Race?

In Rabbids Wild Race, you have to compete against 31 other players from around the world and try not to get eliminated. You will find different obstacles in your way, some will speed you up, some will slow you down, some will melt you down. You will also find different enemies in the way that will try to take you down. Your job is to avoid the obstacles, collect the coins and stars, and avoid getting eliminated to reach the top position. If you get stuck in an obstacle then you will be eliminated.

Do you have what it takes to compete against other players and take them down on a track full of different obstacles?

Customize your character:

With every game you play, you get a certain amount of coins that you had collected during the game and using those coins, you can customize the appearance of your naughty Rabbid. From headgear to spectacles to outfit, you can buy these and customize the appearance of your Rabbid with the coins.

Play with your friends:

Rabbids Wild Race also has a Create Game feature where you can create your own game, share the link with your friends, and then play and enjoy with your friends. To be able to create your own game, you need to log in to the game either through your Ubisoft account or Facebook account. Once logged in, you can instantly create your own private game, invite your friends and start playing with them in a fun competitive multiplayer running game.

Release Date:

Rabbids Wild Race was released in 2020.


Rabbids Wild Race is developed by Ubisoft.


Rabbids Wild Race is available to play on web browsers. (Both on Desktop PC and Mobile Phones)


On PC, Rabbids Wild Race can be played using both the mouse and the keyboard.

  • Use the left or right mouse button to fly
  • Use the Space bar to fly
  • Use the left mouse to select.

On Mobile, you can tap and hold on the screen to fly up higher.


Q. Can I play Rabbids Wild Race on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can play Rabbids Wild Race on your mobile phone. The game is available to play for free on web browsers without having to download any application.

Q. Can I play Rabbids Wild Race with my friends?

Ans. Yes, you can play Rabbids WIld Race with your friends by creating your own private game. To create your private game, you need to login into the game but once you’re logged in, you can create a game and share the link with your friends.

Q. What happens if the shield breaks?

Ans. There comes a moment in the game when the shield is broken that is highlighted by a white barrier. Once the shield breaks, the players will be able to jump on heads of each other and bump each other down.

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