Persia Prince Dash

Persia Prince Dash is an adventure-filled game that tests the skills of the player while allowing them to explore the magical land of Persia. Persia Prince Dash is a hyper-casual game that can be played both on smartphone and computer. The objective of the player in Persia Prince Dash is to help the prince to reach the end door of the castle. The player should be quick with clicking in order to take the right turns in the castle in order to reach the end door for the prince.

How to Play Persia Prince Dash?

Persia Prince Dash features multiple levels. However, in each level, the objective of the player is to help the prince to dash through the different rooms in the castle to ensure that the prince reaches the end door. However, just reaching the end door doesn’t guarantee that the door opens. Before opening the door, the prince to fetch the key too, else the door will remain closed. Also, while dashing through the different room, the player needs to ensure they keep collecting coins on the way to fetch maximum points in the game. The game also features a treasure chest that guarantees a huge amount of coins for the player. The player does not need to move any hidden rooms for going to the end door. The placement of the coins, treasure box, keys and even the closed doors are clearly available in the game. The most challenging part of the game is controlling the movement of the prince because as the name of the game suggests, the prince simply dashes through the map and controlling its movement is difficult for the players if they are not quick with their movement. There are spikes in the wall and other forms of obstacles that can result in the death of the prince if he is not stopped at right time. Persia Prince Dash tests the reflex skill of the player and how good they are at the controlling quick movement of the player. Here’s a tip, to earn all three stars, grab all the coins on the way.

Release Date

Persia Prince Dash was launched on April 12, 2021.


Persia Prince Dash is developed by Mad Buffer.


Persia Prince Dash can be played on web browsers from both computer and smartphone.


In Persia Prince Dash, for moving around the castle, the player can use the mouse. Additionally, the player can use the arrow keys to move. Further, letters can be used for the movement:

  • W: Move upwards
  • A: Move left
  • S: Move down
  • D: Move right


  • Puzzle adventurous game
  • 20 fun levels
  • Super casual game


How many levels are there in Persia Prince Dash?

Persia Prince Dash features 20 levels.

What are some of the obstacles in Persia Prince Dash?

There are no obstacles in the form of characters in Persia Prince Dash. However, the player should be quick with their movement to fetch coins and treasure boxes in the game. Also, as the level of the game increases, obstacles in the game increases too. Spikes are there in the wall that needs to be avoided. Further, rolling spikes in the middle of the path is placed, which the player needs to avoid while reaching the end door.

How to open the end door in Persia Prince Dash?

For opening the end door in Persia Prince Dash, the player needs to collect the key. Without the key, the player cannot open the end door.

How to maximize the score in Persia Prince Dash?

For maximizing the score in Persia Prince Dash, ensure that all the coins are collected along with the coins from the treasure chest. Grabbing all the coins in the game ensure three stars. Therefore, even though the ultimate aim is to reach the end door, the player should collect all the coins in the path to raising the overall score.

Is it possible to complete all the levels of Persia Prince Dash in one go?

Yes, it is possible to complete all the 20 levels of the game in one go. However, at any level, if you are facing any problem, it is advised that you go through the walkthrough video of the game to get an idea of completing that level.

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