Paper Flick

Paper Flick is an arcade game where the player has to first aim and then throw the paper ball in the basket. The game is set on a fun environment of a office setup. Paper Flick is just the perfect game for passing the time. The game supports three types of difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. If you are new to the game, you are advised to start with the easy level and then gradually progress to the hard level.

How to Play Paper Flick?

Before the game starts, the player has to choose one of these three difficulty levels:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

For making yourself familiar with the game, you should start with the easy level and then move to the hard level. Right on the home screen, the player can also check their high scores on all three levels too. The game comes with a real office environment with a fan that blows air. The fan is not simply there to improve the aesthetics of the room. The air is blown by the fan actually controls the motion of the crushed paper. When you try to throw the crushed paper towards the dustbin, there is a high chance that the crushed paper will be deflected by the fan. Therefore, the player needs to consider the airflow when throwing the paper towards the dustbin. The distance which will be deflected by the airflow of the fan is also mentioned with arrow signs on the floor. The player should consider it. There is no fixed level as it is an endless game and it depends on how many paper balls you can actually put in the dustbin. In Paper Flick, the player gets a fixed amount of attempts to throw the paper ball in the dustbin. Most of the time, the number of attempts is five. Additionally, in the game screen, the player can check both score and the best score. As the difficulty level of the game increases, the distance between the fan and the dustbin and also the deflection distance keeps increasing.

Release Date

Paper Flick was published on November 17, 2020.


Paper Flick was developed by MarketJS.


Paper Flick can be played both on smartphone and computer on the web browser.


Tap on the game screen to throw the crushed ball in the dustbin. Tapping should be done in a way that the crushed paper lands on the dustbin


  • Three types of difficulty levels
  • Fan to deflect the paper ball
  • Realistic sound effect
  • Winning streaks are available


How many difficulty levels are there in Paper Flick?

In Paper Flick, there are three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.

How does the game of Paper Flick differ from easy to hard?

As the difficulty level of the game increases in Paper Flick, the distance between the player and the dustbin along with the deflection of the crushed paper by the airflow of the fan increases.

How many attempts do a player get in Paper Flick?

A player gets five attempts to throw the paper in the dustbin. After the five attempts are over, the game gets over automatically and the score of that game along with the best score is displayed on the screen.

How many levels are there in Paper Flick?

Paper Flick is an endless game and there are no levels in Paper Flick. The player can check the progress of the game or their improvement on basis of their best score. If the score earned in the current game is the same as the high score or more, then there is definitely an improvement. If the current score is less than the high score, there is no improvement.

What is the role of the fan in Paper Flick?

The fan is not there simply as a showpiece. In the game of Paper Flick, the fan pumps out air which actively deflects the crushed paper ball. By what distance the fan is going to deflect the crushed paper ball is mentioned on the game screen. While throwing the ball, the player should consider the deflecting distance which will make it possible for the player to throw the crushed paper ball right into the dustbin and will help the player to score high.

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