Oil Hunt

Oil Hunt is based on a crazy world where everyone revolves around a hunt for oil. To survive in this world, the player will need o stretch their pipe to ensure they are able to drink gallons of oil. The game comprises many heroes and monsters and the common thing about them is that both of them are hungry for oil. Earning a good score allows the users to unlock different funny characters. Additionally, just like any adventure game, on Oil Hunt, the player can explore different terrains.

How to Play Oil Hunt?

In Oil Hunt, the player first needs to hold to put the pipe in the burrows for the oil and then release it in order to drink the oil. Simply put, in Oil Hunt, first hit to stretch and then release to suck in the oil. At each level, the player needs to drink a certain amount of oil to reach the next level. A vessel is present at the top left side of the screen that indicates the percentage of oil drunk by the character and also, the amount which is left to be drunk. Once that vessel reaches 100%, the player gets promoted to the next level. Further, in Oil Hunt, the players can enjoy a wide variety of adventurous land too. Different types of land present in Oil Hunt are:

  • Long stretching Savannas
  • Green Hills
  • Sandy Beaches
  • Dark Marshes

The player will encounter different terrains at different levels of the game. Oil Hunt is a hyper-casual game that makes playing fun because of its high playability and retention rate. 

Release Date

Oil Hunt was rolled out on October 14, 2019


Oil Hunt was developed by MarketJS.


Oil Hunt is available on a web browser and can be played from both smartphone and computer. The game is also available on Google Play Store for Android device and on App Store for Apple devices.


In Oil Hunt, the player needs to first click in order to stretch the pipe. Once they are satisfied with the length of the pipe, they need to release the click which will allow the character in the game to suck in the oil.


  • Provides a fun way to pass time
  • Different levels
  • Plenty of funny characters
  • Allows the player to easily resume the game.


How much point does the player get for a perfect hit?

For a perfect hit in Oil Hunt, the percentage in the vessel increases by 2%.

Does the player need to search for oil in Oil Hunt?

No, the player does not need to search for oil in Oil Hunt. Whenever the player reaches a place with buried oil, it automatically stops. After this, the player can hold and release to suck in the oil.

Does the player need to start over when Oil Hunt ends?

No! Luckily, Oil Hunt allows the player to resume the game from the very last spot where it ended. It simply means, Oil Hunt in a way provides the player with an unlimited number of chances. However, even though the player can start the game from the last spot, the score will start from zero. Having said that, the filled vessel in the right doesn’t get empty which act as a huge lifesaver for sure.

Is there a sequel of Oil Hunt?

Yes, there is a sequel of Oil Hunt and it is named Oil Hunt 2.

What are the criteria for progressing to the next level in Oil Hunt?

For progressing at the next level in Oil Hunt, the player will need to fill the vessel present on the right side of the screen with 100% oil. Once the vessel is completed, the player is promoted to the next level.

Is the game of Oil Hunt available to be played for free?

Yes, one can play Oil Hunt for free.

How to complete a level quickly in Oil Hunt?

For completing a level quickly in Oil Hunt, ensure that you stretch the pipe for sucking the oil just the right amount. A perfect hit by the pipe ensures that all the oil in the burrow is consumed which helps the player quickly filler their main tank.

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