Money Movers

Money Movers is an online arcade game where you meet two brothers and controls them to help them attempt a prison break. You will be controlling two criminal brothers in this arcade game and help them escape from the prison.

You will face many challenges and difficulties during the prison break. Both the brothers are locked up in the most secure prison in the country but the brothers are determined to escape the prison. You will have to control the brothers and help them get out of the prison.

Both the players will be under your control and you will have to pass through different levels in order to help them escape the prison. There are about 20 different levels in this game and in each level, you will find different obstacles and difficulties coming along your way.

That is not all, in some levels, you will have to face other inmates and guards who will try their best to stop you from escaping the prison but you will have to crush every obstacle that stands in the way of the two brothers to help them escape the prison.


There are two characters in the game. The small brother and the bigger brother. Both of these brothers are built differently.

The smaller brother is agile, faster, and can pass through narrow passages easily while the bigger brother is a heavy-lifter and can easily throw objects around but lacks the speed that the smaller brother has.

Bonus Levels

You will find that there are money bags in every level that you play. Each level has 3 money bags and you can collect those money bags to unlock the bonus levels and play them. Keep in mind that the money bags in every level are not easy to collect and you will have to risk everything to collect every money bag.


Money Movers was developed by Meow Beast.


Money Movers is now available in HTML5 and is playable on web browsers (both mobile and desktops)

Release Date:

Money Movers was released in March 2018.


The game is played using the keyboard only.

  • Use the WASD keys to move the smaller brother.
  • Use the Arrow keys to move the bigger brother.


Can I play Money Movers online?

Yes, you can play Money Movers online as it is an online game and can be played through Internet only.

Can I play Money Movers with my friends?

As it is a single-player so, you cannot play it with your friends. However, what you can do is share the keyboard with your friend so, each of you can control one of the characters.

Is this game playable on mobile devices?

Yes, you can play Money Movers on mobile devices using web browsers. It is playable on devices such as iPhones, iPad, Android phones, and tablets.

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