Merge and Fly

Merge and Fly is an idle game where you have to run an airport runway. It is your first day operating an airport runway and you will have to make sure that you run it to its best. You will have to buy planes, merge them by dragging and dropping the planes on each other, and then drop the planes on the runway to earn coins that you can use for managing your airport runway business and earning the most out of it.

How to play Merge and Fly?

Merge and Fly is an idle game and just like other idle games, you have to start up your business in the initial stages of the game but once you progress a bit further, your business becomes stable and you needn’t do anything, other than making the required upgrades. In Merge and Fly, you have to run an airport runway and manage all the business. You start the game off with level 1 planes that you can merge with each other to get level 2 planes or put onto the runway to earn coins for you.

In this game, the important thing is to keep a track of your earnings and merge the planes to get higher level planes and eventually get the level 25 plane, the highest available in the game. To help you with earnings, there are also different upgrades available in the game that you can redeem using the coins. These upgrades will help improve your earnings and make your airport runway business bigger and better.


There are about 8 different upgrades available in the game that you can use to your advantage. These upgrades include:

  • Airplane Discount
  • Speed Up
  • Earnings Up
  • Booster Up
  • Delivery Up
  • Offline Earnings+
  • More Parking
  • More Fairways

Remove a plane from your collection:

If you accidentally buy a plane of a lower level or get it from the gift then you can remove it from your collection by selecting the plane and dragging it to the trash can. By doing so, you can remove any plane from your collection.

Release Date:

Merge and Fly was released in March 2021.


Merge and Fly is developed by MarketJS.


Merge and Fly is available to play on all platforms through web browsers. You can play the game on a PC, mobile phones, and tablets.


On PC, Merge and Fly is played using the mouse only.

  • Use the left mouse button to select and merge planes & also drop planes on the runway.


Q. What happens when I am away from the game?

Ans. As this is an idle game so, when you’re away from the game then planes keep on working for you and earn money for you.

Q. Can I remove a plane from my collection?

Ans. Yes, you can remove a plane from your collection. Just select the plane that you want to remove and drag it to the trash can to remove it from your collection.

Q. How many planes are there in Merge and Fly?

Ans. There are as many as 25 different planes that you can upgrade and unlock by merging planes together.

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