Love Pin

Love Pin is a fun adventurous puzzle game where you have to solve the puzzles in order to complete the level. Whether it is saving your girlfriend from the culprit or from lava or whatever the obstruction there is or getting the treasure box, you have to take out the pins at the exact time, take down the criminal and finish the level.

If you make one mistake and remove a wrong pin then you will have to start all over and avoid making that same mistake again. Do you have what it takes to complete all those levels and save your girlfriend and get to the treasure boxes?

How to play Love Pin?

In Love Pin, you will find different puzzles in each level and you have to solve the puzzle by removing pins. Each puzzle is solved in a specific way by removing the pins in a specific order. Remove one pin wrong and you’re gone and will have to start over.

There are a total of 40 different levels. In some levels, you have to rescue your girlfriend and rescue him from the notorious criminal. In some levels, you have to take down the criminal and get to the treasure. Each level is full of different puzzles, and different obstacles such as lava, water, that you will have to use your advantage and complete the level.

Release Date:

Love Pin was released in April 2021.


Love Pin is developed by Kiz10.


Love Pin is available to be played on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. The game is optimized for mobile devices and you can play it on your mobile through any web browser.


On PC, the game is played using the mouse only.

  • Use the left mouse button to select and remove the pins.

On mobile, the game is played using the touch.

  • Tap on a pin to remove it.


Q. Is Love Pin available to play on tablets/mobile phones?

Ans. Yes, Love Pin is a mobile-ready game and you can play it on your tablet/mobile phone.

Q. How many playable levels are there in Love Pin?

Ans. Love Pin has a total of 40 playable levels which are divided into Page 1 and Page 2. Each Page has 20 levels.

Q. What if I complete all the levels in the game?

Ans. If you complete all the levels in the game then it means that you have finished the game and there is no other level left for you to play.

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