Life The Game

In Life The Game, you can experience a normal life journey, from birth to death in the form of a game. Life The Game has given the game a realistic touch by adding both the ups and downs of life. In Life The Game, the player has the power to control all the aspects of the character. The game takes the users through different stages of life like:

  • Birth

  • Puberty

  • Work

  • Old age

  • Death

For successfully playing the game, the players need to complete the different tasks and activities which are given to them. In addition to that, it also supports four mini-games that can be played when the users reach a certain milestone. The different mini-games available in Life The Game are:

  • Burger Madness: Include all the delicious ingredient to make a burger

  • Study Session: The player needs to show how studying is done by pushing away the distractions

  • Travel Puzzles: Assemble blocks for creating photo

  • Rainbow Melody: Tests your memory skills by remembering the sequence of xylophone

How to Play Life The Game?

In Life The Game, the player needs to do different activities. Completing these activities will help you to grow right from your birth to puberty and then finally, death. The different levels of Life The Game are explained:

  • Take birth: Push yourself outside in the world

  • Talk: Tap on the notes to show that you can talk

  • Study: Drag and drop the right answers

  • Puberty: Pop the pimples

  • Date: Swipe left and right to find your true match

  • Sports: Dunk the beer pong

  • Make Coffee: Mix all the ingredients properly to make coffee

  • Suit Up: Dress yourself for marriage

  • Get Kids: Help your wife with deliveries

  • Midlife Crisis: Fill your shopping cart with items on the shopping list

  • Grand Children: Drag and drop your children

  • Stay Healthy: Sort your medicine pills

  • Die: Have a look at your coffin

Completing all your levels will help you to reach your ultimate death. You can retry level in Life The Game until you succeed. In addition to that, you can also choose the four mini-games available (Burger Madness, Study Session, and Rainbow Melody) right from the home screen by clicking on the Arcade section. If you enjoy playing Life The Game, you can also try your hands on its sequel, Afterlife: The Game

Release Date

Life The Game was launched in December 2015.


Life The Game is developed by Ohmaigawd. The game is designed by Maja Vavpotic and developed by Tilen Pogacnik.




Use your mouse to move around the screen and left-click to interact with the elements present in the game.


  • Can only be played using a mouse

  • Allows the player to experience the various phases of life in a game format

  • Each level can be played multiple times to succeed


How to get born in Life The Game?

For taking birth, you need to tap on the screen when the moving blue bar is present in the maroon section of the larger horizontal bar. You need to do it five times in the time provided.

Is Life The Game a popular game?

Yes, Life The Game is so popular that it is even featured by famous YouTubers like Markiplier and Pewdiepie.

Are the mini-games a part of the main game in Life The Game?

No, you can play these mini-games separately in Life The Game. For playing the mini-games, click on the Arcade option available on the home screen. You can then select the mini-game that you want to play.

Is Life The Game available as a mobile game?

No, Life The Game is not available as a game app for smartphones. However, you can play Life The Game on your web browser.

What happens in the last stage of Life The Game?

In the last stage of Life The Game, you will see your coffin and you can see your ghost after death.

What are the answers of the Study level?

The study level in Life The Game has three questions. The answers along with the questions are mentioned below:

12+5 = 17

Square root of 9 = 3

5 x 4 = 20

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