Kizi Kart

Kizi Kart is a racing game where the player first needs to start the engine and then start racing. The game allows the players to run the race by taking the role of multiple characters. One must remain attentive while playing Kizi Kart because there are many obstacles in the way and it not a smooth path. Further, from time to time, the player will need to overtake other opponents for finishing the race first. Kizi Kart is similar to Super Mario Kart Racing and lets the adrenaline keep rushing. The different characters which are available in the game with their special abilities too and further, these characters are totally upgradable with the coins collected by the player. The graphics of the game is also very good to look at.

How to Play Kizi Kart?

Kizi Kart is a popular racing game that supports the following three tournaments:

  • Star Course
  • Rocket Race
  • Kizi Play

At the beginning of the game, the player would be able to select only the Star Course. There are five characters available in Kizi Kart:

  • Kizi (special ability: resistance)
  • Kissi (special ability: acceleration)
  • Spike (special ability: weapon power)
  • Tito (special ability: max speed)
  • Gary (special ability: max speed and weapon power)

All the available characters of Kizi Kart are judged on the following four parameters:

  • Resistance
  • Acceleration
  • Max Speed
  • Weapon Power

The strength of each character on the basis of the following parameters are depicted write at the beginning of the game. Firstly, the player needs to select a character of their choice and then hit the “Go” tab. The player also has the option of upgrading their characters. For the first upgrade, the player needs to spend 550 coins. Further up gradation is possible only after first upgrade. On the racing path, there are obstacles that need to be avoided. Additionally, power-ups and coins can be collected in the game which will allow the gamer to upgrade their present characters and further boost their ability to win the game. Each race has two laps and the player fight against four other characters. Therefore, there are five characters who are racing in Kizi Kart. The lap number and the current rank in the race, are visible on the game screen.

Release Date

Kizi Kart was first published on April 30, 2018.


Kizi Kart is rolled out by Kizi. The name of the game is inspired by the company.


Kizi Kart is available on a web browser and can be played both from a smartphone and computer.


  • Up button: To go forward
  • Left and Right button: To Steer
  • Space: To use items

Further, WASD controls can be used for controlling the character in Kizi Kart.


Three tour names

  • 15 races
  • Five playable characters
  • Characters can be upgraded

Different power-ups and coins can be collected on the track.


What is shown at the end of Kizi Kart?

The race result is provided at the end of the game. The rank of all the individual characters, along with the time taken to complete the race is provided.

What is the reward for winning the race in Kizi Kart?

The reward for winning the race is a minimum of 40 coins. Hence, coins can be earned in two ways in Kizi Kart, either by collecting them in the path or by winning a position in the race which allows the player to collect a number of coins at one go.

How many races are available in Kizi Kart?

A total of 15 races and three tournaments are present in Kizi Kart.

What happens if the player fails to dodge the obstacles in Kizi Kart?

There are plenty of obstacles in Kizi Kart like oil puddles, fences, signs and rocks on the racing runway. Failing to avoid these obstacles will create a set back for the player.

Are the other opponents in Kizi Kart real people?

No, the other opponents in Kizi Kart are not real people. There are AI-controlled opponents.

Why is it important to collect coins in Kizi Kart?

Collecting coins in Kizi Kart is important to upgrade the characters of the game. As the toughness of the game increases with each level, there would be a need to upgrade the characters. For the very first upgrade of all the characters, 550 cons are required.

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