Jetpack Blast

Jetpack Blast is an endless game where the player needs to fly in a jetpack in a manner that they don’t touch the gate. Touching the gates while flying will crush the game character. Also, while flying, the players can pick up several power boosts to make the game easier for them. The theme of the game is futuristic and is based on a space theme.

How to Play Jetpack Blast?

In Jetpack Blast, the players need to tap in order to fly. Also, while flying it is important to avoid the gates that come across the pathway. From time to time, clocks will appear in the way, which is advisable to collect. Grabbing the clock in Jetpack Blast reduces the speed of the gates for five seconds. Further, the players can also collect the bombs which are useful for destroying the gates in the way. Additionally, the players can collect heart which will help them to continue the game from the same spot where they have left it. It is an endless running game that doesn’t comprise of any level but the players can use their previous score as a benchmark to check how they have been performing in the game. The player can collect a speed booster that comes with a lightning icon which will help them to zoom past the gates. All the power packs available in Jetpack Blast are provided below for a quick look:

  • Clock: Reduces the speed of the gate for five seconds
  • Gate: Destroys the gate
  • Speed Booster: This allows the player to zoom past multiple gates by enclosing them in a protective bubble
  • Heart: Provides the player with a second chance and allows them to start the game right where they died

The player doesn’t need to move out of the path in order to collect these boosts. The player should only focus on survival and on the path, they would be able to grab all the power boosts without any additional efforts.

Release Date

Jetpack Blast was rolled out on January 29, 2021.


Jetpack Blast is developed by MarketJS.


Jetpack Blast is available on a web browser and can be played from both smartphone and computer. The game is also available on Google Play Store.


In Jetpack Blast, the players need to simply tap on the game screen to fly.


  • Powerups to make the game interesting
  • Futuristic themes
  • Random gate behaviour
  • Endless game
  • No levels


Are there any levels in Jetpack Blast?

No, there are no levels in the game. Jetpack Blast is an endless game that comprises of series of gates that needs to be avoided.

How many chances does a player get to survive in Jetpack Blast?

In Jetpack Blast, the player only gets one chance to play the game. However, if the player has collected a heart booster, they get an additional chance too. Using the heart booster, the player can start the game right from the spot where they have left it.

What scores are provided at the end of the Jetpack Blast game?

The score earned in that particular game along with the best score is provided to the player at the end of Jetpack Blast.

How to collect power boosts in Jetpack Blast?

All the power boosts are aligned straight in the path of the player’s way. The player should only focus on surviving. As the player moves up to the next level, they will automatically come across the power boosts.

Is it possible to save the scores earned in Jetpack Blast?

No, Jetpack Blast doesn’t allow the players to save the score. If the cache of the computer is cleared, the score will also get cleared.

Is it possible to fly down in Jetpack Blast?

No, Jetpack Blast allows the player only to fly up. Attempting to fly down will kill the character. Because it is not allowed to fly down and tapping is essential to fly, the player should keep on tapping in order to ensure that the character keeps flying else the game will end.

Why am I not able to continue the game after it is over even though there is a continue option?

For using the continue option in the game, you will need to collect the heart boost up first. Without it, you won’t be able to continue the game once it is over.

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