Hoop Star

Hoop Star is a sports game where the player needs to catching falling basketballs with the help of the baseball ring. The player has to move the ring which can be done by dragging either on the touch screen or by moving the mouse. Hoop Star is all about catching basketballs for earning points. Bonus points can be earned in Hoop Star for the ringless catches. Further, consecutive ringless catches will further lead to a bonus point.

How to Play Hoop Star?

Hoop Star is a skill-based game where the catching skills of the player is tested. In Hoop Star, basketballs fall from the top and the player is provided with a baseball ring below. In Hoop Star, the objective of the player is to use the basketball ring for catching the basketball. Catching the basketball will fetch the player the points. However, if you want to earn some bonus points, you should try to catch the basketball by ensuring that it does not touch the ring of the basketball. Consecutive such catches will earn the player more bonus points. In Hoop Star, the player is provided with one basketball by default. Additionally, there are four other basketballs. Two of the basketballs are available for 99 points and the other two balls are available for 199 points. For simply catching the basketball, the player will earn one point, for catching the ball without touching the ring fetches two points and consecutive perfect catching will fetch three points on Hoop Star. In Hoop Star, there is no other option other than catching the ball. It is because if the player fails to catch the ball, the game will end and the player has to collect the score from all over again. The game supports a wonderful theme that automatically changes when you refresh the game.

Release Date

Hoop Star was first rolled out on October 21, 2020


Hoop Star is developed by MarketJS.


Hoop Star is available to players on the web browser and can be played from smartphones and computers.


Drag your fingers on the game screen or move the mouse on the game screen for moving the basketball.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Supports bonus and combo point for the perfect catch
  • Supports five different types of balls
  • Beautiful theme


How many chances do a player get while playing Hoop Star?

The player only gets one chance in the Hoop Star game. If the player fails to catch the ball, the game will automatically get over and the player has to start from the beginning.

How many levels are there in Hoop Star?

Hoop Star is endless gameplay and therefore, there are no levels in the Hoop Star. The player can keep playing Hoop Star till they manage to keep catching the basketballs.

How the score is calculated in Hoop Star?

In Hoop Star, the score is calculated on the basis of your catch type. If you simply manage to catch the basketball, you will be awarded one point. If you manage to catch the ball ringless, you will be rewarded with two points. After a single ringless ball, all the consecutive ringless catches will fetch the player three points.

Can we buy different types of basketballs in Hoop Star?

Yes, Hoop Star in total supports five basketball. By default, the orange black basketball is available to the player. Additionally, there are four different types of balls that vary on the basis of colour. Two of these balls are available for 99 points and the other two balls are available for 199 points.

How to decide whether we have played Hoop Star well?

As there are no levels in Hoop Star, therefore level cannot be used as a criterion for deciding the progress. However, the player can use the score as a parameter to check the progress. Always use the best score to compare your current score for checking your progress in the game.

What does a ringless catch mean in Hoop Star?

A ringless catch refers to a catch where the basketball is caught by the basketball ring in a manner that the ball does not touch the ring. Ringless catch in Hoop Star is a perfect way of earning bonus points and all the consecutive ringless catch can be used for earning three points for each catch.

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