Hexa Dungeon

Hexa Dungeon is a fighting adventure game where the players need to match elements of the same colors to win the game. To make it possible for the hero to attack in Hexa Dungeon, the player has to match the elements. When the player has collected enough power by matching the elements, it becomes possible to unlock plenty of power shots which is visible at the bottom of the screen. In Hexa Dungeon, it is important to ensure to keep the enemies away and further, go forward and destroy them.

How to Play Hexa Dungeon?

Hexa Dungeon is a powerful adventure game, where the players get to complete a level by matching the elements of the same color. There are a total of ten levels in Hexa Dungeon and each level comes with its very own goals. On the basis of the score achieved in the game, the player gets stars on basis of the score earned. In Hexa Dungeon, for attacking the enemies the player has to connect tiles. Once the player has enough mana, you can use it for your special abilities. Connect as many tiles as you can to kill the enemy. To give you an idea of the Hexa Dungeon  app, here the mission of the first four levels:

  • Mission 1: Kill 3 enemies
  • Mission 2: Kill 5 enemies
  • Level 3: Kill 6 enemies
  • Level 4: Kill 7 enemies

After completing a new level point, open the upgrade menu to manage your stats. The different upgrade available here include:

  • Attack
  • Health
  • Mana

The upgrade points available can be used for the upgrade. Sometimes, the elements also include power upgrades. Further, after completing the second level new abilities are unlocked. For accessing these new abilities, open the ability menu to manage your powers in Hexa Dungeon. A few of the magic powers available in the game are:

  • Freeze enemies
  • Shuffle all tiles
  • Fire attack (requires 10 stars for unlocking)
  • Heal (requires 15 stars for unlocking)
  • Destroys a group of tiles (requires 20 stars for unlocking)
  • Destroy all tiles of the same color (requires 25 stars for unlocking)

Each level of Hexa Dungeon consists of three mini levels. For earning all three stars the player has to complete all three mini-games. In Hexa Dungeon, the player should try to make a large chain for earning more scores. Further, the longer the chain, the faster the enemy dies in the game. Focus on completing all the mini-levels which will help you earn more scores. For instance, completing the first mini-level, the player will earn one star and similarly, completing all the three mini-levels will result in three starts.

Release Date

Hexa Dungeon was rolled out in December 2020.


The game Hexa Dungeon is developed by Bleorgame.


Hexa Dungeon can be played on the computer and smartphone from the web browser.


Use the mouse on Hexa Dungeon to connect tiles of different colors.


  • Challenging levels
  • Three mini levels in one level
  • Power-ups
  • Adventure matching game


What are some tips to score high in Hexa Dungeon?

In Hexa Dungeon, the player can combine level levels of monster blocks in order to eliminate one block altogether. Secondly, when it comes to matching tiles, try matching the tiles from the top instead of the bottom. Matching the tiles from the bottom disrupts the entire arrangement at the top. In order to maintain the arrangement of the tiles, start matching the tiles from the top. Further, if you want to earn more gold, focus on scoring more in Hexa Dungeon. Also, try connecting longer chains to earn more score. When you have a choice between choosing a small and longer chain, simply go forward with the longer chain.

How many power-ups are present in Hexa Dungeon?

In Hexa Dungeon, there are four power-ups. Sometimes, these power-ups are embedded in the tile. The players can use the power-ups to eliminate the tiles properly.

How challenging is Hexa Dungeon?

Hexa Dungeon is a challenging matching game that is unique. Firstly, it supports a wide variety of power-ups. Secondly, all the levels of Hexa Dungeon consist of three mini levels. These mini-levels decide the number of stars earned by the players.

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