Heroball Adventures

Heroball Adventures is an adventure game which is evident from the name of the game itself. The red ball is named as Maneuver as he is the protagonist of the game. The ball rolls from one side of the stage to another endlessly in a manner that it collects stars. Further, the ball jumps from one platform to another in order to find his caged friends and rescue them. The player should help the red ball to rescue his friends and bring them all to the finish line for safety. However, playing Heroball Adventures is not that easy because it is filled with plenty of obstacles and opponents who will create hurdles for the player to reach the finish line. The player needs to keep himself safe by either jumping on them to annihilate them or by blowing them. The scenery of the game is awesome. Enjoy it while surviving the difficult terrain to finally reach the red flag.

How to Play Heroball Adventures?

Heroball Adventures is an adventure and puzzle game where the player needs to control a rolling red ball. The objective of the player is to ensure that the red ball along with his friends reaches the finish line which is marked by a red flag. In Heroball Adventures, the friends of the red ball are trapped, the player needs to rescue them while collecting stars and also, keys in the path. There are plenty of obstacles in the forms of spikes and rolling blades, to name a few, in addition to opponent characters who try to stop the red all from reaching the destination. It is essential to collect stars in the game because collecting them boosts the score of the player. Also, the keys cannot be ignored at any cost as the keys help the players to open the door of the prison of the trapped friends. Further, in addition to these obstacles, the terrain is tough to master. There are a total of 15 levels in Heroball Adventures. With each increasing level, the obstacles and the challenges of the game increases. The player gets a total of three lives to complete a level. However, even after the player ends up losing all three lives, they have the option of resuming the game right from that very level.

Release Date

Heroball Adventures was first published on April 28, 2021.


kiz10.com is the developer of Heroball Adventures.


Heroball Adventures can be accessed from all the devices from the web-browser


  • A/ Left Arrow Key: To move left/ back
  • D/ Right Arrow Key: To move right/ ahead
  • W/Up Arrow Key: To move up/ jump
  • S/ Down Arrow Key: To move back


  • 15 levels
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Wonderful plot
  • Challenging adventurous game


Can the player skip collecting the stars in Heroball Adventures?

Yes, the player can skip collecting the stars. However, it is not advisable to do so because the star fetches points for the player. Also, even though they have the option of skipping the stars, collecting the key is a must for completing a level in Heroball Adventures.

Why am I not able to open the cage of the trapped ball in Heroball Adventures?

For opening the cage of the trapped ball in Heroball Adventures, the player will have to collect the key first.

How many lives does a player get in Heroball Adventures?

In each level, the player gets three lives to complete it. However, even if all three lives end, the player has the option of resuming the game from the last level. Hence, in a way, there are unlimited lives for completing a level of Heroball Adventures. It should also be noted that, no matter how many of the three lives are left with the player, getting struck by the lightning will immediately result in the death of the player and the game will end. The player, will, of course, have the option of playing that same level again.

What can be the points collected through stars be used for?

The coins collected through stars in Heroball Adventures can be used for purchasing different looks of the red balls. There are five looks of the red ball. One look which is the default red ball look is made available for the player, by default. The other four looks can be purchased by using the points collected through stars.

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