Happy Filled Glass

Happy Filled Glass is an online drawing puzzle game where the player needs to convert the frown of the glass into a smile. Basically, the player needs to fill water in glass through drawing until the glass starts smiling. In each stage of the game, the water will drop from the top of the screen, but before the water starts dropping, the player needs to draw a line. The game is further made challenging by giving a limited amount of ink to draw, and therefore, the player should have a clear idea about the lines that they want to draw. Using the ink, the player needs to draw shapes and lines in a manner that the water drops to the glass to fill it. It is a very entertaining logic-based game that will provide a great mental workout.

How to Play Happy Filled Glass?

In Happy Filled Glass, the player needs to draw on the game screen in such a manner that the water from the top fills the glass. Initially, the glass does not have water, and it has a frown face on it. However, when the water is filled in the glass in a manner that the top line is crossed, the glass smile, and this indicates that the player has successfully completed a level. In total, there are 30 levels in Happy Filled Glass. Also, the ink with which the player needs to draw is not unlimited. The pen comes with limited ink, and therefore, it needs to be used judiciously. Additionally, the ink consumed by the player will determine the number of stars that they will earn. The lesser the ink used to complete a level, the more will be the player’s score. The ink left with the player is indicated with the green bar at the top. If the green bar is filled in a manner that crosses the red line, the player will earn three stars. If the green bar lies between the blue and the red line, the player will earn two stars. Similarly, if the green bar doesn’t touch the blue line, the player will only earn one star to complete a level successfully. If a player is stuck in the game, they can also use the hint option. It is an interesting puzzle game.

Release Date

Happy Filled Glass was rolled out on April 13, 2021.


Happy Filled Glass is developed by CONSTRUCT 3.


Happy Filled Glass can be played on a web browser from all the devices.


The player needs to draw using the pencil with the help of the mouse.


  • 30 levels in the game.
  • One-touch gameplay
  • Physics-based game


How many levels are there in Happy Filled Glass?

In Happy Filled Glass, there 30 fun-filled levels.

How is the number of stars calculated in Happy Filled Glass?

Firstly, for earning even a single star in Happy Filled Glass, the player will have to complete a level. After completing a level, the number of stars earned by the player is decided on the basis of the ink left in the pen. The ink in the pen is represented with the green bar at the top. A completely filled green bar indicates a fully filled pen with 100% ink. Now, this green bar has two lines: red and blue. For earning three stars in the game, the green bar should cross the red line. The green bar should lie between the blue and the red lines for earning two stars in the game, and if the green bar does not even cross the blue light, the player will earn only one star.

Can we seek help while playing Happy Filled Glass?

Yes, there is a hint option available in the game that the player can use to seek help in the game. The hint option will show the player where they need to draw the lines in order to fill the glass by using minimum ink.

What is the genre of Happy Filled Glass?

Happy Filled Glass requires the player to think and is a puzzle game. It is a logic-based game that needs the player first to think and then draw. It challenges the mind to think out of the box.

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