Grenade Toss

Grenade Toss is an action-arcade game where the main character is surrounded by bag guys and criminals. There is no justice in his world. In such a scenario, he wants to come forward to rescue the world from the bad people by blowing the enemies (bad guys and criminals) away. Thats how the game got its name Grenade Toss. It is a fun adventurous game. The game comprises 30 levels.

How to Play Grenade Toss?

In Grenade Toss, first, the player needs to place the mouse where they want to aim. Then, they can go forward to move the mouse to adjust both the shooting strength and angle. The red fillings inside the arrow show the strength of the weapon and finally, the player has to click in order to throw the grenade. For completing a level, defeat all the enemies on the ground. The score of the player is provided on basis of three-star. If the player plays brilliantly, they can earn three stars. In each level of Grenade Toss, the player gets a different number of grenades to blow at the enemies. On the basis of the grenades used by the player, the number of stars earned by the player is decided. The lesser the number of grenades used, the higher is the chance of gaining three stars. The difficulty level of the game increases as the game increases. For instance, in the first level, there is one enemy but five grenades. However, in the second level, there are two enemies and 9 grenades. The difficulty levels of the first levels are listed below to give you a rough idea about the goals that need to be completed for clearing the different levels in Grenade Toss.

  • Level 1: 1 enemy and 5 grenades
  • Level 2: 2 enemies and 9 grenades
  • Level 3: 3 enemies and 12 grenades
  • Level 4: 1 enemy and 9 grenades but difficult terrain that requires to first blow three boxes
  • Level 5: 2 enemies and 15 grenades with 7 boxes in the of obstacles.
  • Level 6: 3 enemies hidden in bunkers and 15 grenades
  • Level 7: 3 enemies hidden in deep bunkers and 12 grenades
  • Level 8: 3 enemies hidden underground and 18 grenades
  • Level 9: 3 enemies hidden underground and 20 grenades and a continuous rolling rock as obstacles. The rolling rock can deflect the grenade if it comes on its way.
  • Level 10: 4 enemies and 20 grenades and stationary small square boxes in the mid-air as obstacles.

As depicted above, the difficulty levels create challenging levels for the players.

Release Date

Grenade Toss was rolled out on October 20, 2020


Grenade Toss was developed by MarketJS.


Grenade Toss is available on a web browser and can be played from both smartphone and computer.


Move the mouse to aim and click on the mouse to blow the grenade


  • 30 fun levels
  • Interesting difficulties
  • Good graphics
  • The game can be resumed after it is over
  • Multiple chances


What does grenade out of bounds means in Grenade Toss?

Grenade Toss is based on Physics. The grenade doesn’t fall anywhere randomly. The fall of the grenade is based on Physics. When the thrown grenade doesn’t flow anywhere on the game screen, the message “Grenade out of Bounds” flashes on the screen.

What happens when the player runs out of grenades?

When the player runs out of grenades, the game gets over.

Does the player need to start over if the game gets over?

No, the player does not need to start over when Grenade Toss gets over. They have the power to resume the game from the level at which they failed.

Is blowing the grenade the only way of defeating enemies?

No, the enemies can be defeated in two ways. Firstly, they can be blown via grenade. Secondly, they can be hit in a manner that they fall. This will also defeat the enemy.

How to earn three stars in Grenade Toss?

For winning three stars in Grenade Toss, try to complete the different levels of Grenade Toss using the minimum number of grenades. The number of stars earned by the player is decided on the basis of the number of grenades that the player uses for defeating the enemies. The lesser the number of grenades used, the more is the probability to earn three stars in the game. 

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