Fit Balls

Fit Balls is a puzzle game where the player needs to squeeze the balls in a vessel without crossing the reaching line. The objective of the game is to make the player pour the balls in the jar given while ensuring that the top lane is not crossed. If the ball overflows, the player will end up losing. As a player, the aim should be to squeeze as many balls as possible into different jars. At each challenging level, the reaching line of the jar is different. The player gets to unlock additional balls in different levels of Fit Balls. The Fit Balls game supports a walkthrough which the player can watch to see how the game is played.

How to Play Fit Balls?

In Fit Balls, the player needs to drop different kinds of balls into jars of a unique type. In the Fit Balls game, while squeezing the balls inside the jar, the player needs to ensure that they don’t touch the reaching line. The reaching lines of different levels in the game are different. At each level, the player will be told how many of each colour of the balls the player needs to squeeze inside the jar. The game starts with three different balls, but gradually the number of ball types increases.

In level five, four different balls are there. However, in level six, the different types of balls are reduced to three but the variation in the ball sizes are high. If at any level, the player crosses the reaching line, they can tap on the bomb to explode the area inside the jar. With each level, the player earns coins which they can use to unlock new types of balls. The player gets three opportunities to hit the bomb. It is a wonderful puzzle game. The player can make a conscious design to watch the ads for earning more coins. Each advertisement allows the users to gain 500 coins.

Release Date

The game was released in March 2021.


The developer of Fit Balls is BPTop.


The game can be played on the web browser.


In Fit Balls, the player needs to use the mouse to navigate through the menu of the game. With the left click, the player can drop the ball in the jar.


  • No time limit
  • One finger control
  • Easy yet challenging to play
  • Beautiful graphics


Are the vessel types in each level the same?

No, in each level the vessel type is different and unique.

How many different varieties of balls are there in Fit Balls?

The different variety of balls in Fit Balls differs according to the level of the game.

Can we blast the balls without using the bomb?

Yes, double-tapping on the balls will result in an explosion and will make way for new balls.

How many different types of balls are there?

There is a slot of 15 different balls in Fit Balls.

How can one choose a new variety of balls in Fit Balls?

One can choose a new variety of balls by tapping on ‘random unblock’. The coins required for random unblock keeps increasing with each purchase. After spending money on random unlock, you can earn coins by watching the advertisement. The different varieties of balls come with different designs. The price of the very first random unlock is 300 coins.

How can one earn points in Fit Balls?

One can earn points in the form of coins in Fit Balls either by playing the levels or through lottery. Also, you can choose to watch an ad, which will enable you to earn 500 coins. In addition to that, you can go for random unlock too.

How many levels are there in Fit Balls?

A total of 60 levels are there.

Is the progress in Fit Balls saved?

If you are playing from the same computer, Fit Balls will save the progress. Even if you refresh the web page, Fit Balls will resume from the same level at which you left the game. However, if you clear the cache, you can begin from the very first level.

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