Fall Beans

Fall Beans is a fun-to-play arcade game inspired by the popular game Fall Guys. Just like Fall Guys, you have to take part in fun races in different colorful arenas. You have to beat your opponents in each round and avoid getting eliminated.

Every track is different from another. In some tracks, there are moving obstacle, in some tracks you have to remember specific tiles, and in other you have to race against falling objects, all of this against a crow of opponents in a battle-royal style gameplay where everyone is on its own.

The game is hugely inspired by the popular PC game Fall Guys and most of the features and levels are the same but the thing about Fall Beans is that you can play it on any platform without having to download anything, just play it straight from your web browser.

How to play Fall Beans?

Playing Fall Beans is exactly the game like the popular PC game Fall Guys. You have to move around the different race arena and avoid getting eliminated. Each arena will have its own track, obstacles, and criteria of how many players will be eliminated. In every track, you will have to compete against other players and avoid getting eliminated.

As you proceed further in the game, the game becomes harder and harder with each passing level. Can you be the one to conquer all the tracks and avoid getting eliminated?

Release Date:

Fall Beans was released in March 2021.


The developer of Fall Beans is Vetx.


Fall Beans is available to play on web browsers on all platforms including Android, iOS, and PCs.


On PC, Fall Beans is played using the keyboard only.

  • Use the arrow keys to move your character around.
  • Use the space bar to jump.

On Mobile phones and tablets, use the on-screen controllers to control your character.


Q. Can I play Fall Beans on my mobile phones?

Ans. Yes, you can play Fall Beans on your mobile phones and tablets. The game is ready to be played on any device.

Q. Can I play Fall Beans with my friends?

Ans. No, you cannot play Fall Beans with your friends. Currently, the game only has a single-player mode. In near future, it might get the multiplayer feature but currently, it is not available.

Q. What if I get eliminated during a track?

Ans. If you get eliminated in any race or track then it would be game over for you and you will have to start from the beginning.

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