Drawar.io is an artistic game where players from across the world battle with each other brushes. The Drawar.io app is a sketch-based guessing game where the artistic talent of the player comes into play. Drawar.io is simple to play, the player is provided with words that are suggested by the app, the other player has to guess it. Similarly, another competitor might be given a word to sketch, where the player has to guess the word and type it to check whether the answer is correct or not.

How to Play Drawar.io?

Drawar.io is a creative makeover of the dumb charades game where instead of guessing the names of the movie, the player will have to guess the words. Drawar.io is a multi-player game. In Drawar.io, the trough app suggests the players a word, which they have to sketch and the other players need to guess the word and type it to check whether the guess was right or wrong. Before you begin the game in Drawar.io, you get to customize the following features:

  • The skin colour of the player
  • Facial features of the player
  • Accessories of the player

After you have customized the look of your player icon, you will have to join a lobby. In the lobby of Drawar.io, the players are randomly assigned words through artificial intelligence where they have to sketch. You will be given the options to choose the word that you want to sketch. For instance, you might be given the option to sketch a house, car, or a tree. You have to sketch it without any letters.

While the player sketches the word in real-time, other players can join in to guess the word. If someone has guessed the word right but made some spelling mistake, it will be visible in the lobby itself to ensure that other players don’t make the same mistake. Thus, it saves time and increases the efficiency among the players. If the letters used in guessing the word are actually present in the right word, the letters will acquire their position in the corresponding places of the words. This can act as an additional hint to other players. In the very beginning, Drawar.io notifies the players the number of letters which are present in the word making it further easier for them to guess the right word. Drawar.io presents its users with many drawing implements which they can use to sketch their heart out.

Release Date

Drawar.io was launched in July 2020


Drawar.io is developed by DRA.


Currently, Drawar.io can only be played in a web browser.


  • Left-click: To choose the colour of the paint and the brush
  • Left-click and drag: To use the brushes and the colour on the board
  • Keyboard: To chat with other players for guessing the word


  • Guessing game similar to Pictionary
  • Real-time sketching and guessing
  • Chat feature is available to work in a team for guessing the word correctly.


Which data does Drawar.io process?

When you play on Drawar.io, the website collects these data: IP address, advertising IDs, games that you played, the brand and type of the device that you are using, the country name from where you are operating.

Where do I type the word that I have guessed?

You can enter words that you have guessed in the chatbox. The chat screen clearly mentions “type guess here”. You need to type the word there.

How does the score appear in Drawar.io?

The users who have managed to guess the word correctly will score in the game. At the end of each round, Drawar.io presents the list of the players who managed to guess the word correctly and the players who failed to answer it correctly along with the score presented on the right side.

How many rounds are available in Drawar.io?

One game in Drawar.io consists of six rounds.

Which stats are available in Drawar.io?

Drawar.io shows the following stats: score, wins, drawn and guessed.

Can a player create a private game on Drawar.io?

Yes, on the home screen, select the option “Private Game” to create your very own game. You can invite up to ten players to join the game by sharing the link provided by the websites. Further, you can create your custom words to guess. For custom games, you need to suggest a minimum of three words and the number of characters in the word should be between 3 to 15.

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