Donutosaur 2

Donutosaur 2 is a physics game in which the player has to feed a monster, sweets. In Donutosaur 2, the monster depends on the player for chocolates. While completing the level of the game, the player should collect stars. The game comprises 25 levels. The game flaunts beautiful graphics and is a skill-based puzzle game. In Donutosaur 2, there is also his friend who is there to help the players. The Donutosaur 2 is a fun game to enjoy and all the levels of the game can be completed in one go. In the game, the player should aim to ensure the monster eats the sweet successfully in order to qualify a level. However, for earning all the three stars, the player should collect the stars from te path between the monster and the sweets. 

How to Play Donutosaur 2?

Donutosaur 2 is a game where a cute monster needs to be fed chocolate. In the game, the monster is dependent on the player for his dose of sweets. In Donutosaur 2, the player has to use fans, edible floatation devices and portals for making sure that the monster reaches near the sweets. Donutosaur 2 comprises 25 levels. The game comprises beautiful graphic. At each level of Donutosaur 2, there are tools introduced in the game which works on the basis of Physics. In Donutosaur 2, the objective of the player is to feed the monster with sweets. However, the player has to consider Physics while playing the game because it is possible to win the game only when the basic Physics is understood in the game. Donutosaur 2 is a puzzle-based game where the player has to think about how the monster can reach the chocolate to eat it. While eating the candy, it is advisable for the player to eat the stars present on the path. It is because the stars collected by the player decides the number of stars that are earned by the player.

Release Date

Donutosaur 2 was published on December 29, 2020.


Donutosaur 2 was first published by Bestphysics


Donutosaur 2 can be played on the web browser and is, therefore, accessible from both smartphone and computer.


Tap on the game screen of Donutosaur 2 on the basis of where you want the monster and the sweets to move.


  • 25 interesting levels
  • Physics-based game
  • Colourful graphics
  • Unlimited chances
  • Three-star rating on the basis of the performance of the player


How many levels are there in Donutosaur 2?

In Donutosaur 2, there are 25 levels. To qualify a level, the player should ensure that the monster is able to eat the chocolates. Also, it is advisable to collect stars on the path.

Is Donutosaur 2 a casual game?

Yes, even though Donutosaur 2 is a casual game. It is based on Physics. There are many tools available on Donutosaur 2 which function on the basis of Physics. Depending upon the tools present at a particular level, the player should consider the Physics at play.

How to see how much one has scored in Donutosaur 2?

The score of Donutosaur 2 can be checked by the player on the basis of the stars earned. The score of the player is reflected in the form of stars. An excelled play is visible as three golden stars and simply qualifying a level will earn the player one star.

How to earn three stars in Donutosaur 2?

For earning three stars in Donutosaur 2, the player has to first ensure that the monster is able to eat the candy. Secondly, the player has to collect all the stars in the game. Ensuring both will enable the player to earn all three stars.

How can the friends of Donutosaur help the player?

Donutosaur’s friends are extremely helpful because they help the player by pushing, pulling and destroying objects for the players.

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