Donut Slam Dunk

Donut Slam Dunk is a physics-based fun game. It is a hyper-casual game in which a donut swing from a rope and a box that keeps on moving too is placed below on the game screen. The player needs to cut the swinging donut in a manner that falls directly in the box. If the donuts fall outside the box, the game will end. The player further gets to boost their score by ensuring speed and accuracy in the game. Also, extra coins can be earned in Donut Slam Dunk by ensuring that the falling donut touches the flying coins. To ensure that the player plays the game smoothly, it also supports two boosts.

How to Play Donut Slam Dunk?

For starting the game, press Play. Now, you need to tap on the game screen to release the swinging ball. Basically, the rope of the swinging donut should be cut in a manner that it lands on the box below. The game ends if the donut falls outside the box. While the rope is being, the player can earn extra coins by ensuring that the falling donut touches the flying coins.

The game also supports boosts. There are two boosts available on Donut Slam Dunk:

  • Magnet
  • Spring

In the initial level, both boosts can be purchased for 50 coins each. Purchasing these cool boosts, will make it easier to play Donut Slam Dunk. After a purchase is made, it becomes available again after 30 minutes. The game rewards the player with bonus points for

  • Speed
  • Ricochets
  • Accuracy

As the game progresses, the difficulty level of the game increases too with the introduction of bouncers and spikes. Whenever you are feeling stuck in the game, buy either the magnet or the spring.

Release Date

Donut Slam Dunk was rolled out on January 8, 2021.


Donut Slam Dunkis developed by MarketJS.


Donut Slam Dunk is available on a web browser and can be played from both smartphone and computer.


Tap on the game screen of Donut Slam Dunk to cut the rope of the donut.


  • Fun and colourful theme
  • Unlimited gameplay
  • Bonus points
  • Challenging


What stats are shown in Donut Slam Dunk?

The following stats are shown after the game of Donut Slam Dunk ends:

  • Best score
  • The score of the current game
  • Coins earned

How does the boost in Donut Slam Dunk help to play the game of Donut Slam Dunk?

In Donut Slam Dunk, the spring boost places three springs below the box which makes it easier for the player to place the donut inside the box. If the donut instead of falling on the box, end up falling in one of the spring, they will get a chance. Basically, the game does not get over if the donut ends up falling in one of the springs instead of the box. When a donut touches a spring, the spring vanishes and it no longer provides a protective cushion for the donut. Similarly, the magnet feature also makes it easier to play the game. With the magnet boost, if the donut falls anywhere close to the box below, it will directly land inside the box.

What happens when the donut touches the coin?

When a donut manages to touch a flying coin, they are able to earn coins. Additionally, grabbing a coin increases the score by three points.

Does the donut falling from the rope fall randomly?

No, the motion of the donut is governed by physics and it does not fall randomly.

Is it possible to save score on Donut Slam Dunk?

No, it is not possible to save score on Donut Slam Dunk permanently. However, you can still save the score by not closing the game window. Even reloading the game page will wipe out all the score and the best score becomes zero.

What customization options available on Donut Slam Dunk?

The player can turn on and off both the sound and music while playing Donut Slam Dunk.

Does the difficulty level in Donut Slam Dunk remains the same?

No, as the game progresses, the difficulty level of the game increases too. Though there are no levels, you can use your best score to check your progress in the game. Also, with progress, new kind of obstacles are introduced in the game.

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