Cricket Hero

Cricket Hero is an arcade game based on cricket where the player needs to bat and ensure making as many runs as possible. In Cricket Hero, the cricketer receives an exceptional number of balls in quick succession, which the player needs to hit to score high. The player aims to score as many points as possible by hitting the balls. What makes this game interesting is that the bowler not only delivers the ball but also other items like eggs and bombs too! If the player hits that ball, the game gets over. Also, while playing Cricket Hero, the player needs to take care of the target zone in which the ball will land.

How to Play Cricket Hero?

After starting the game, for hitting the ball in Cricket Hero, the player needs to click anywhere when the ball is inside the yellow circle. For moving the player left and right, click on the left side and right side of the screen, respectively. In this arcade game, the player needs to hit the ball and then make runs. The more the number of runs that the player makes, the more will they score in the game.

The twist in the game comes from the fact that in addition to the ball, many other items will be thrown towards the player, and the player has to avoid those items while hitting only the bet. The player needs to cover two sides, and the sides can be switched by clicking on either side of the screen. The player gets three chances to play in the game. Further chances can be purchased by using the coins earned in Cricket Hero. There are no levels in the game, but still, the difficulty level of the game keeps on increasing as the game progresses.

Release Date

Cricket Hero was launched in September 2018.


RavalMatic developed the game of Cricket Hero.


Cricket Hero is available on the web browser and can be played both on a smartphone and on a computer.


Use the left mouse button for hitting the ball. The player’s position can be changed by clicking either on the left side or the right side of the game screen.


  • Fun-filled arcade game
  • Obstacle survival game
  • Two sides to cover
  • Three chances per try


How can one buy extra lives in Cricket Hero?

Extra life can be purchased in Cricket Hero using 10 coins during the initial levels of the game.

Are there any levels in Cricket Hero?

No, in Cricket Hero, the number of balls hit by the player is checked. There is no such level in the game.

What stats are shown in Cricket Hero?

The last score and the best score are shown in the Cricket Hero game.

How to score a high score in Cricket Here?

For scoring high in Cricket Hero, the player needs to hit as many balls as possible without hitting other objects that come across their way. Sometimes in the game, the bowler throws bombs and eggs towards the player.

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