Climb The Rocks

Climb The Rocks is an adventure game where the player has to grab the next rock whenever the moment is right. In Climb The Rocks, the player has to climb one rock at one time. Further, it is important to avoid unstable rocks in the game while ensuring that they reach the prize. In Climb The Rocks, the player has to conquer Mount Narya and other mountains. There are many ten kinds of mountains available on the game like Mount Ucca, Kibar, Ordh, Alru and Chota. Climb The Rocks supports endless gameplay. It is advised that the players collect diamonds on the game which will enable them to unlock new mountain climbing characters. Climb The Rocks is the perfect game to enjoy a challenging outdoor environment and it comes with great music and theme.

How to Play Climb The Rocks?

In Climb The Rocks, the player has to climb a mountain by grabbing at the rocks at the right time. There are two types of rocks available in the game. Firstly, the stable rocks and secondly, broken rocks. The player should only use healthy rocks to climb up the mountains. There are then kind of mountains available in the game. The different mountains which are available on Climb The Rocks are:

  • Mount Narya (70 m)
  • Mount Kibar (98 m)
  • Mount Alru (141 m)
  • Mount Chota (211 m)
  • Mount Ordh (240 m)
  • Mount Ucca (282 m)
  • Mount Noorem (310 m)
  • Mount Vanem (352 m)
  • Mount Just (381 m)
  • Mount Parima (423 m)

Mount Narya is available to the players by default whereas the rest of the mountains are locked, which the players can unlock by collecting more points in the game. Further, the game comes with five different characters too. There are rocks out there in the game which comes with the diamonds. The players who are interesting in trying new mountain climbing characters should collect them as new mountain climbing characters can only be purchased by using the diamonds. The player can check how much they have climbed by checking the height climbed present at the top left section of the screen. The climb starts with Mount Narya and then gradually the height keeps increasing and the ultimate destination is Mount Parima.

Release Date

Climb The Rocks was first published on March 17, 2020.


Climb The Rocks was first rolled out by MarketJS.


Climb The Rocks can be played from the web browser from any smartphone or computer.


In Climb The Rocks, tap at the right time to grab the rock.


  • Endless gameplay
  • The players get the opportunity to conquer different mountains
  • Different mountain climbing characters
  • Challenging outdoor environment
  • The game comes with wonderful themes


How to unlock new mountains Climb The Rocks?

The mountains available to the player on Climb The Rocks is decided on basis of the height of the mountains. Mount Narya with a height of only 70 meters is available to the player by default. As the player conquers a mountain, the next mountain gets unlocked on basis of the height. The final mountain in the game of Climb The Rocks is Mount Parisma that comes with a height of 423 metres.

Why did I fall by grabbing a rock on Climb The Rocks?

There are two types of rocks on Climb The Rocks. Both broken and proper solid rocks are available on Climb The Rocks. Grabbing the broken rock to climb the mountain will result in their fall. Therefore, the player should avoid the broken rocks and only grab the healthy rocks to climb the mountains.

How to unlock new mountain climbing characters on Climb The Rocks?

The players can buy new mountain climbing characters on Climb The Rocks with the help of diamonds. These diamonds are available to the players in the game itself embedded within the rock. When a player grabs a rock that has a diamond embedded in it, the player collects the diamond. On basis of the diamonds collected, the player can buy a new mountain climbing character.

How many chances do a player get in Climb The Rocks?

The player gets only one chance to complete the game.

How many mountains are available there in Climb The Rocks?

There are ten mountains available in Climb The Rocks and five mountain climbing characters.

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