Cake Slice Ninja

Cake Slice Ninja is a challenging arcade game where the objective of the player is to slice cakes. In this game, the player plays the character of a ninja whose task is simple, to cut cakes and pastries. The fruits fall from the top, and the player has to slice them before it touches the floor. What makes Cake Slice Ninja extremely challenging is that along with the fruits, bombs will drop too. The player needs to avoid these bombs and only cut the cake. When a gamer is in the flow of slicing, how difficult it will be to stop the motion for the bombs? Cake Slice Ninja is a game that tests the arcade and the reflex skill of the player.

How to Play Cake Slice Ninja?

Firstly, before the game begins, the player needs to decide among the two game modes on Cake Slice Ninja:

  • Classic
  • Arcade (time-based game)

In Cake Slice Ninja, the player should focus on slicing the cakes and other kinds of sweets and avoid slicing the bombs. The player gets three chances. It means they have the freedom to drop the two cakes, and in dropping the third cake, the game will get over. However, if the player ends up slicing the bomb immediately, they will end up losing all three lives, and the game will get instantly over. Also, cutting cakes in a chain will result in a multiplier which comes in handy for increasing the score. In the arcade mode of Cake Slice Ninja, the players will only get one minute to play Cake Slice Ninja. Further, slicing the bomb in arcade mode of Cake Slice Ninja will result in a deduction of 50 points from the final score. There is no concept of lives in the arcade mode. It’s only about scoring as much point as one can in Cake Slice Ninja. There are no levels in Cake Slice Ninja, and in the classic mode, it is all about how long a player can survive, while in the arcade mode, it’s all about scoring high. As the game progresses, bonus drinks are also appearing on the game screen. Three are three types of bonus drink, and the pros attached with it are different:

  • Yellow: More sweets appear on the screen
  • Blue: Slows down the sweet, giving time to the player to cut them
  • Pink: Adds three seconds in the game

Release Date

Cake Slice Ninja was rolled out on 28 March 2021


Cake Slice Ninja is developed by Abdhelhak Farissi.


Cake Slice Ninja is available on a web browser and can be played both from a smartphone and computer. Further, Cake Slice Ninja is available on Apple App Store too.


Drag the mouse to slice the cakes in Cake Slice Ninja.


  • Challenging arcade game
  • Colourful graphics
  • Two game modes
  • Power-ups are available in the form of bonus drinks
  • Three lives in the classic mode


What happens if the player accidentally ends up slicing a bomb in Cake Slice Ninja?

The consequence of slicing a bomb in Cake Slice Ninja depends upon the game mode selected. In the classic mode, slicing a bomb results in an instant loss of all three lives, and the game immediately gets over. However, in arcade mode, slicing a bomb results in the deduction of 50 points from the main score.

What is the difference between the classic and arcade mode in Cake Slice Ninja?

The classic mode of Cake Slice Ninja is not time-based. The player gets three lives in the classic mode. Dropping sweet results in the reduction of life, and slicing a bomb results in the instant end of the game. On the other hand, arcade mode is a time-based game where the player does not have to worry about the lives. In the arcade mode, the player needs to focus on slicing as many sweets as possible in one minute. Slicing a bomb in the arcade mode results in a reduction of 50 points from the final score.

Are there any boosts available in Cake Slice Ninja?

Yes, boosts are available in Cake Slice Ninja in the form of bonus drinks. Three types of bonus drinks appear in Cake Slice Ninja. The yellow drink brings more sweets to the game screen, the blue drink slows down the sweet speed, and the pink drink adds three seconds to the final time.

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