Bomb Prank

Bomb Prank player tries to hand over the bomb in such a manner that it does not blast when the player is helming it. The entire game take place in a multiple arena game. When the game of Bomb Prank begins, the bomb is ignited, all the players want to avoid the bomb but the catch it the bomb can only be passed between the different players. When the main player is handling the bomb, it should be passed in a manner before it blasts.

How to Play Bomb Prank?

Bomb Prank is an interesting game that checks the reflex skills of the player. The game is played on a multiple player arena. The bomb is ignited when the game starts and all the players try to avoid the bomb. What makes the game interesting is the fact that the bomb in Bomb Prank can only be passed between the different players. When the bomb reaches your hand, you should pass it as soon as possible in order to avoid it. If the bomb blasts in your hand, the game will end and will result in your defeat. The game supports six different skins for the main character, out of which one skin is available to the player by default. however, one will need 500 coins to buy additional skin in the game. If the player fails to claim enough coins from the game itself, they can choose to watch an advertisement that will straight away reward them with 200 coins. Completing a level in Bomb Prank fetches the player with 40 coins. The player has the option of tripling the coins earned in the game by watching an ad. Apart from saving oneself from the bomb, the player should also take care of the fact that they do not fall in the water while trying to avoid the bomb. If the player falls in the water, it will again result in the defeat of the player. As the level in Bomb Prank progresses, the number of bombs and the number of multiple players in the arena, both will increase. This will increase the difficulty level of the game. Also, the number of obstacles in the form of boxes and drums increases with increasing difficulty level.

Release Date

Bomb Prank was first published on April 30, 2021.


Bomb Prank was rolled out by


Bomb Prank is available on a web browser and can be accessed via both laptop and smartphone.


Drag and slide the mouse on the game screen to take control of the action of the character in Bomb Prank.


  • Multiple skin options are available
  • Multiple ways of earning coins
  • Challenging game
  • Good graphics
  • Multiple players and difficult arena
  • Multiple levels


How the player can earn coins in Bomb Prank?

One can complete the levels for earning coins. Further, after earring coins through completing a level, the player has the option of tripling the coins by watching an advertisement. Additionally, for collecting coins in order to buy the skin of the player, the player can watch an advertisement which will straight away fetch them 200 coins.

What kind of challenges are posed in Bomb Prank?

As the levels increases in Bomb Prank, the number of player in the game arena is increased. Along with that, the number of bombs is also increased. Hence, the player has to avoid multiple bombs from different players and will also need to run away from more players. Further, the number of different obstacles in the playing arena increases with each passing level.

How many chances does a player get to complete a level in Bomb Prank?

There is no specific number of chances to complete a level in Bomb Prank. After losing in a particular level, the player can start playing from the same level end number of times. The player never needs to start afresh from level one in Bomb Prank.

What skills are important to win Bomb Prank?

The reflex skill of the player is extremely important in Bomb Prank. This is because the player should promptly avoid the bomb by running and further, should pass the bomb quickly.

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