Blaze Racing

Blaze Racing is a fast-paced action racing game where the player has to knock out the opponents. Each run of Blaze Racing features a uniquely generated track. The player can enjoy the beautiful tracks while destroying all the opponents. All the players will try to knock off each other and therefore, even when you are knocking off other opponents, ensure that you yourself are not being knocked off. Further, the game supports plenty of upgrades that can be used to make the car sturdy which will be helpful in knocking of other opponents.

How to Play Blaze Racing?

Blaze Racing is an action-packed racing game where the player needs to collect points by collecting them from the track. Additionally, the player has to knock off another opponent. What makes the game challenging is the fact that even the other opponents will try to knock off the players. Therefore, the player will have to collect the points, knock off the other opponents and keep themselves safe in the game. The game takes place on a beautiful track present at the cliff. Therefore, the player also has to keep a balance on the cliff, racing through the edge can result in a fall which will again end the game for the player. The requirement of controlling so many things make Blaze Racing a very challenging race a ting game. Further, there are no limits on the opponents in the game. There are a total of ten upgrades available in the game which the player can use for upgrading their car.

Release Date

Blaze Racing was launched on April 19, 2021.


Happylander Ltd has developed Blaze Racing.


Blaze Racing can be played on a web browser and is, therefore, accessible from all devices.


Use the left and right arrow key for steering the car. If you are playing the game on the smartphone, simply tap and drag for steering the car.


  • Unique 3D trackĀ 
  • Cliff-top track
  • Upgrades are available
  • In-game weapons
  • Endless opponent


How many levels are there in Blaze Racing?

Blaze Racing is an endless game that the player can keep playing till they manage to survive on the game.

What happens if the call falls down from the cliff?

If the car falls down from the cliff in Blaze Racing, the game ends. The player only gets one chance to play the game. Therefore, the player has to be extra careful when playing the game.

Are there any upgrades available in Blaze Racing?

Yes, there are a total of ten upgrades available in Blaze Racing which can be purchased with the coins collected in Blaze Racing.

How many opponents do we need to defeat in Blaze Racing?

There is an end number of opponents in Blaze Racing. As the game progresses, new opponents keep on emerging in the game as obstacles and therefore, there is no set number of opponents that one has to defeat in Blaze Racing. It is a game of survival. No matter how long you last in the game, opponents will keep emerging every once in a while.

Does the width of the track remain the same in Blaze Racing?

No, both the terrain of the track along the width of the terrain keeps on changing in Blaze Racing which makes the game challenging. However, to make the game a bit easier, an alert sign arrives on the game screen indicating that a narrow path lies ahead. The player should steer the vehicles according to it.

What is the point of knocking off opponents in Blaze Racing?

Along with collecting coins, the player earns extra bonus of 50 points when they knock off the opponents in Blaze Racing. Hence, for earning bonus points the player should knock off other opponents.

How easy is it to fall from the cliff in Blaze Racing?

The player should maintain a balance in order to ensure that they stay right at the track on Blaze Racing. For making the player used to the narrow path of the cliff, in the initial stage of the game, there are railings on both sides of the cliff. However, later the railing vanishes and the player has to maintain the balance on their own.

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