is an online social deduction multiplayer game that is inspired by the popular game Among Us. is more or less similar to Among Us where you are either a crewmate or secret saboteur, the betrayer. The job of the crewmates is to complete all the given tasks without getting killed while the betrayer has to sabotage the operations of crewmates and kill them before they complete all of the given tasks.

How to play is inspired by the popular game of the last year Among Us and the gameplay is pretty much the same. You start the game off as a crewmate or the betrayer. If you are a crewmate then you will have to complete your tasks and avoid getting killed by the betrayer. If you think someone is acting suspiciously then you can call a meeting and vote to kick out that player. If you are able to successfully vote and kick the betrayer then you win the game.

If you are the betrayer then you will have to kill the other players, the crewmates in order to win the game. You also get a special feature and that is the ability to use vents and move around in different rooms easily. You will have to act like the other crewmates and avoid getting caught by any crewmate when doing your dirty job, otherwise, you will be kicked out and lose the game.

Game Characters

There are two types of characters in the game and you can start the game off as either one of them, either a crewmate or a betrayer.


Crewmates have to complete all the tasks that are given to them without getting killed by the betrayer. Most players in the game are crewmates and they have to complete their tasks in the given time. Betrayer will try to sabotage the operation and kill the crewmates. Crewmates can call a meeting and vote to kick out the betrayer if they suspect someone is a betrayer.


There are usually one or two betrayers in each game and they have to sabotage the operations and eliminate the crewmates. Betrayers can also use the vents which allow them to move around, undetected. Betrayers have to act like normal crewmates while killing the crewmates to win the game.

Release Date: was released in December 2020.

Developer: is developed by End Game Studios.

Platforms: is available to play online on web browsers (Desktop PC and Mobile Phones). You can also download the mobile app and play it on your cell phone.

Controls: is played using both the mouse and keyboard.

  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move around.
  • Use the Space bar or E key to interact.
  • Press the M key to open the map
  • Press the Esc key to close opened interface


Q. Is the gameplay of similar to Among Us?

Ans. Yes, is inspired by the popular social deduction game Among Us and the gameplay is more or less the same.

Q. Can I play with friends?

Ans. Yes, you can create private rooms and enjoy playing with your friends, which becomes much more fun when playing with friends.

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