Banana Run

Banana Run is an endless running game where the player needs to control a monkey while collecting coins and bananas. The more the player collects the coins and bananas, the more will be the score of player. The player is provided with three boosts which can be upgraded. The first upgrade will cost the player 500 coins. Using these upgrades, the player can boost the score in the game. The game demands the monkey to jump, sometimes double jump up and even jump down. The player gets two chances in the game to score as much as they can.

How to Play Banana Run?

Banana Run is an endless running game where a monkey engages in an endless run game for collecting bananas and coins. The Banana Run app is filled with many obstacles. The player gets two chances to play this game. However, the lives can be increased by the live boost or it can further be collected on the path. There are obstacles in the form of different characters and also, the terrain in Banana Run. The player requires to jump up, jump down and further, the player requires to do double jumps in different circumstances. There are three boosts available in Banana Run and these are:

  • Power Shield: It protects the monkey from different kinds of obstacles in the game.
  • Magnet: It attracts all the coins near the magnet
  • Life Boosts: Gives the player an extra chance to play the game

Because the game is endless, there are no levels in the Banana Run. One can decide the progress in the game of Banana Run by checking the best score of the game. The game is similar to other endless running with slight variation.

Release Date


Banana Run is developed by Lagged.


Banana Run is a web browser-based game that can be played from both computer and smartphone.


  • Press the UP arrow to jump up.
  • Press the DOWN arrow to jump down.
  • Press UP twice for a double jump


  • Colourful graphics
  • Playful monkey characters
  • Three types of upgrades are available
  • Two-lives
  • Endless running game
  • Available on all the devices


How many boosts are available in Banana Run?

There are three types of boosts available in Banana Run: power shield, magnet and life boost. Each of these upgrades can be purchased by the player with 500 coins.

How many lives do a player get in Banana Run?

The player gets two chances in Banana Run.

How many levels are there in Banana Run?

Banana Run is an endless running game where there no levels. As the game progresses, the difficulties and the challenges of the game increases too.

What are the different uses of the power-ups that are present in the game?

There are three power-ups are present in the game, as discussed above. The different ways in which these power-ups can help the players are explained in this section. The power shield feature allows the player to shield the monkey from the different kind of obstacles. The magnet feature allows the monkey to collect all the nearby coins. Further, the life feature provides the players with additional lives.

How to earn points for buying up-grades in Banana Run?

The players need to collect points in the form of coins and bananas. The points collected in the game can then be used for buying the upgrades. The up-grades available in Banana Run are provided to the player in the mid-way. However, the efficiency of these upgrades can be increased by purchasing the upgrades. This simply means even without buying the upgrades, these upgrades will be available to the player in the game. When the player purchases these upgrades, the efficiency of the power-ups are improved for the player which allows the player to increase their overall score in the game.

Is there a way of saving the score in Banana Run?

When the window is not closed or the cache is not cleared from the device, the score of Banana Run is saved in the device itself. However, clearing it wipes away the score too and a clean slate of the score appears. There’s no way of permanent saving the score in Banana Run.

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