Axe Master

Axe Master is a new sports game that requires the player to throw an axe. In Axe Master, the player has to be skilful in order to throw hatchets which are mini axes at targets that are moving. While throwing the axes, the player has to avoid hitting the skulls and hit the bullseyes. Further, the player has to ensure that while playing the game, they do not run out of axes. Axe Master is endless gameplay that allows the player to keep playing. The game is easy to learn for the players while mastering it is a bit tough. There are many challenging levels in Axe Master. The player can further score combo points in the game if they manage to throw and fast the axes. Further, the theme of the game is extremely interesting too.

How to Play Axe Master?

To begin the game of Axe Master, the player has to first tap on the game screen. In Axe Master, the player has to throw the axes at the targets. Sometimes, the target is stationary and sometimes, they kept moving. After hitting both moving and stationary targets, the player reaches a point where they reach the boss level in which the player as to hit a moving round target that moves in an unfixed manner which makes hitting it a bit difficult after which the player moves to the next challenging level of the game of Axe Master. The Axe Master is a wonderful arcade game that allows the player to improve their arcade skills. Further, the background of the game is good. Even though Axe Master is an endless game, there are levels in the game. The game of Axe Master ends when the number of axes available in a particular level gets exhausted or if they end up hitting the skull.  From the Settings section of the game, the player can increase and decrease the volume of sound and music.

Release Date

Axe Master was published on June 12, 2020.


Axe Master was rolled out on MarketJS.


Axe Master can be played from both smartphones and computer on a web browser.


Hit on the target by tapping on it to throw the axe on it on Axe Master.


  • Fun arcade game
  • Challenging yet simple game
  • Tough boss levels
  • Supports combo points for fast throw
  • Great theme


What happens if the player hit on the skull on Axe Master?

If the player hits on the skull on Axe Master, the game ends right away and the player has to start the game from the beginning.

The targets of Axe Master are moving or not?

Axe Master supports both moving and stationary target. However, the first level of Axe Master is always stationary to give the player a hint of the game. However, as the game progress, most of the targets are moving.

How many chances do a player get in Axe Master?

The player only gets one chance in Axe Master. The game can end in two ways Firstly if the player ends up hitting the axe and secondly when the player exhaust all the axes. If either of these happens, the game gets over and the player has to start the game from the beginning.

How difficult is the game of Axe Master?

Axe Master is a game that is easy to learn for the players. However, the game is difficult to master. As the level of the game keeps on progressing, the difficulty level increases. However, the difficulty of the game is not out of the world and it is something that can be mastered with regular practice.

What makes the boss levels of Axe Master challenging?

The boss level of Axe Master is known for its challenge. What makes this level particularly difficult is that the moving target moves in an unexpected manner which makes predicting the movement of the moving target very difficult. The player has to hit the target while keeping in mind where it can move.

How to earn combo points on Axe Master?

For earning combo points on Axe Master, the player has to hit the target precisely and quickly. The accuracy and the efficiency with which the player hits the target enables them to earn combo points on Axe Master.

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