Amazing Strange Rope Police

Amazing Strange Rope Police is a 3D adventure and action game where the users can either choose to become a superhero or supervillain. The game is very similar to Spiderman. In addition to throwing spider webs, you can also throw laser rays. The huge city present in the game allows the users to explore the game properly. The player can try plenty of superhero movies. From web shot, build climb and also, laser beam and these are a few of the many superhero powers. Also, you can customize all the costumes of the superheroes.

How to Play Moto Amazing Strange Rope Police?

Amazing Strange Rope Police is a city simulation game where the users can control superheroes. In addition to that, as said before, you can become a hero and anti-hero. You can attach other people and similarly, other people can attack you too. Amazing Strange Rope Police is set up in old New York. However, it gives the feeling of Las Vegas and Miami. You can do the following things with your criminal:

  1. Rob
  2. Kill
  3. Shoot
  4. Fight

Feel free to steal cars and race across the street while gunning down the gangsters. In addition to that, you can enjoy many superbikes and supercars. Make stunts and score good points. The different weapons available on Amazing Strange Rope Police are:

  • Armour
  • Pistol
  • Revolver
  • CQ16
  • Carbine
  • QK47
  • Shotgun
  • Minigun
  • RPG8
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenade
  • 5X Molotov

The game is all about an open world environment. Apart from enjoying the main city, you can also go off-reading in different places. Your ultimate aim in Amazing Strange Rope Police should be to dominate the city where you are placed. This is possible only when you keep upgrading your heroes. While playing Amazing Strange Rope Police, ensure that you don’t hit police. Also, the game supports four quality settings: low, medium, high and very high. Based on the bandwidth of the internet, you can choose one of the quality settings. When playing the game, keep your eye on the following bars: health, armor and energy. While playing, you can also control the following aspects of the game: Sensitivity screen X, screen volume, sensitivity screen Y, music volume and sight of view.

Release Date

Amazing Strange Rope Police was launched in October 2017.


Amazing Strange Rope Police was developed by HGames-ArtWorks.


  • Web-Browser
  • Android
  • iOS


  • WASD: move around the city
  • T: Open garage which is close to the player
  • Q: Shoots web
  • Rick-click: Hits laser
  • Left-click: Shoots and punches
  • Space bar: Jumps
  • Left Shift: Run
  • X: Switches weapons
  • F: Open the car
  • R: Opens shops close to the player
  • G: Grenade
  • Z: Switch different grenade
  • C: Switches the vehicle camera
  • In addition to that, these are the following garbage truck controls:
  • Z: Pitchfork up
  • X: Pitchfork down
  • Q: Dump start
  • E: Dump end
  • Space: Lift the container


  • High-quality graphics
  • Freedom to become both hero and anti-hero
  • Plenty of weapons
  • Can explore off-road terrain
  • Realistic car drifting
  • Plenty of superheroes


What is the plot of Amazing Strange Rope Police?

In Amazing Strange Rope Police, the player is placed in a city. Your player is similar to spider-man where the main objective is to clear the city from crimes like pickpockets and also, other serious crimes. As the game progresses, you are given the freedom to interact with the outside world.

What is a tip to score high in Amazing Strange Rope Police?

For scoring a higher score in Amazing Strange Rope Police, try to help the citizens who are facing trouble. As you help them, you will see an improvement in your power and agility in the game.

What are the few examples of tasks provided in Amazing Strange Rope Police?

Each level in Amazing Strange Rope Police has some task for the player. These tasks can be like stealing cars, stealing bikes and destroying vehicles. In addition to that, it shows the number of bitcoins that one has, gangster killed and street cop killed while playing the game.

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