Adventure Hero

Adventure Hero is an adventure and arcade game where you need to eat as many fruits as possible while collecting trophies. While eating the fruits, the player also needs to ensure that they do not collide with enemies in the form of obstacles. The Adventure Hero supports 15 exciting levels. Each level presents the information of the number of fruits that the player needs to eat in order to clear the level. Three lives are provided to the player for completing the game.

How to Play Adventure Hero?

In Adventure Hero, the player’s ultimate aim is to eat as many fruits as they can without dying. All the fruits in the game are played in dangerous positions which are difficult to reach. Also, while eating the fruits, the player needs to avoid additional obstacles. Adventure Hero comprises 15 levels, and the player gets three lives in each level to complete the game. One can easily play all the 15 levels in the game because the game can be resumed from the level where the player ends up losing all their lives. In short, even if you run out of lives in Adventure Hero, you can resume from the same level without any problem, and hence, it is possible to complete all the levels of the game without starting the entire game from Level 1. The level and the number of fruits that the player needs to eat is informed at the top section of the screen. The number of fruits to be eaten in each level is mentioned below:

  • Level 1: 16 fruits
  • Level 2: 15 fruits
  • Level 3: 25 fruits
  • Level 4: 22 fruits
  • Level 5: 20 fruits
  • Level 6: 20 fruits
  • Level 7: 22 fruits
  • Level 8: 20 fruits
  • Level 9: 20 fruits
  • Level 10: 16 fruits
  • Level 11: 20 fruits
  • Level 12: 20 fruits
  • Level 13: 15 fruits
  • Level 14: 20 fruits
  • Level 15: 20 fruits

In level 4, the obstacles are present as swinging balls, while in previous levels, the obstacles could be found strolling in the ground. In level 10, the spring feature for jumping is introduced. All the levels require plenty of jumping.

Release Date

The game was launched on September 08, 2020.


BestGameSpot developed Adventure Hero.


Adventure Hero is available on a web browser and can be played from any device.


The player can control the movement of the character using the keyboard. Use the left and right arrow key to move left and right direction, respectively. In addition to that, use the up arrow to jump. For climbing a wall, the player needs to attach the character to the wall and place the up arrow key again.


  • Colorful bright graphics
  • Challenges in the form of obstacles
  • Addictive game
  • Features 15 levels


How many levels are present in Adventure Hero?

Adventure Hero comprises 15 levels.

How many lives are the player provided with?

The player is provided with three lives for each level. In each level, all the lives are replenished. Even if the player loses all the lives, they can play the game from the highest level reached by them without starting from the very first level.

How to win Adventure Hero?

For winning Adventure Hero, the player should focus on eating as many fruits as possible while overcoming the game’s obstacles. After eating the fruits, the player needs to collect the trophy.

Which fruits do the player need to eat in Adventure Hero?

A wide variety of fruits are available in Adventure Hero like apple, pineapple, melon, cherry, orange and strawberry.

What kind of obstacles are present in Adventure Hero?

Obstacles are present in the form of moving characters and rotating screws.

How to make long jumps in Adventure Hero?

For making long jumps in Adventure Hero, the player needs to press the up arrow key multiple times.

Can the progress of the game be saved?

Yes, however, the progress of the game is saved automatically. If you end up losing all the lives, you can resume playing from the level where you ended all the lives.

Which customisation options are available in Adventure Hero?

Adventure Hero allows the players to turn on and off the sound of the game.

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