99 Balls

99 Balls is a bubble shooter game that mixes the games of Breakout and Bubble Shooter. In 99 Balls, the player needs to destroy the balls that are numbered before the balls reach the bottom section of the game screen. All the balls falling from the top are numbered and these number indicates the number of hits is required to destroy a particular ball. In the game screen, the player should also collect circles and these circles should be collected in order to increase the number of weapons that can be used by the player. Further, the player should collect the stars which can then be used for unlocking new weapons for destroying the balls. As the level increases, the number of balls increases too in the game. This is a challenging game that tests the arcade skill of the player. It is endless gameplay which the player keeps on playing till they survive. 

How to Play 99 Balls?

99 Balls is an arcade game where the players need to shoot the balls. The balls fall from the top of the game screen to the bottom of the game screen. The objective of the player is to shoot down the balls present on the game before it reaches the ground. Each falling ball on 99 Balls comes with numbers. These numbers are not random as they represent the number of hits that the player should make in order to eliminate that particular ball from the game. 99 Balls comes with power-ups too which can be used for increasing the strength and number of weapons that are used by the player. Further, the player has to collect the stars present among the ball in order to upgrade the movie. With progress in the game, the number of balls in the game increases too. The different upgrades which are available on 99 Balls are:

  • Circle
  • Gear
  • Golf Ball
  • Driver
  • Seawalk
  • Anomaly

These upgrades can be used for ensuring better weapons for a better hit in the game.

Release Date

99 Balls was rolled out in April 2017.


99 Balls is developed by Diamond Games.


99 Balls can be played on a web browser from both computer and smartphone.


Drag the left mouse button for aiming and then release the mouse to shoot at the balls.


  • Multiple coloured balls
  • Different kinds of weapons
  • Power-ups
  • Unlimited and endless play


What does the number presented on the balls represent on 99 Balls?

In 99 Balls, there are numbers printed on the balls. The numbers present on the ball of 99 Balls represents the number of hits that the ball will need in order to eliminate them from the game screen.

Why there are different colours of balls present in 99 Balls?

There are four main colours of balls present in 99 Balls and these are red, orange, yellow and green. These colours are not random. When a ball requires plenty of hits, the colour of the ball is green, when the player keeps hitting the green ball, the number of hits required to eliminate the ball reduces. As the number of hits reduces the colour of the ball changes too. The ball that requires the least amount of hits is represented through red colour.

What is the importance of circles and stars on 99 Balls?

The player should collect the circles and stars on 99 Balls for upgrading the weapons which can be used in the game.

How many levels are there in 99 Balls?

There are no levels in 99 Balls as it is an endless game. The progress of the game can be analyzed on basis of the high score.

What are some tips to score high on 99 Balls?

It is advised that the player do not aim at the single ball but aim at multiple balls for getting the maximum benefit with a single ball. 99 Balls comes with a shooting guide, use the shooting guide for aiming properly and hitting the ball as many times as possible. Further, the player should collect stars and circles for upgrading the weapons present in the game.

How many chances do a player get to play on 99 Balls?

The player can keep playing until not a single ball touches the ground. If a ball ends up touching the bottom of the game screen, the game will end straightaway.

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